Me(me) Obsess? Nevvvvvah!

But since Tracy over at Soothing the Supermom was nice enough to think of me for this, I’ll indulge and share my top 5 obsessions.

Blogging– Kind of a given right? I love to write, and even more I love to read. There are more blogs linked in my Google reader than I care to admit.

Pizza– Seriously, I could eat it for every meal.

Colored Pens– Writing with colored ink, especially pink and green, make me very, very happy.

Books– Especially the self-improvement ones. I have been on a radical “make me over” phase the last few months and have been reading on everything from being a better wife to how to mingle in social situations.

Smelly Things– This would be my #1 if I were numbering the list. I love all things air freshener, scented candles, perfume, etc etc etc. My current love is the Tide Simple Pleasures stuff in the Lavender and Vanilla scent.

So that’s it! I don’t know who has done it and who hasn’t, so if you haven’t leave a link in the comments so we can see how weird you are! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Me(me) Obsess? Nevvvvvah!

  1. I’ve been on a radical “make-me-over” phase too. Isn’t it fun? lol Could you give us your list of books you’ve been reading?

    My recent top 5 obsessions are:

    Reading blogs
    John Frieda Brunette shampoo


  2. I have a pen obsession….but it is any color. I am not quite sure why writing with a good pen makes me so happy….but it does!

    Otherwise, I pretty much obsess on EVERYTHING! I am neurotic that way!

    I saw your funny comment on Southern Fried Mom’s blog and I had to come see!

    I will be back!


  3. My current top 5 obsessions:

    –getting pregnant
    –losing weight/maintaining weight
    –finding new pants that fit
    –Mother’s Day presents (finding the perfect ones for my mother and mother-in-law)


  4. I love this idea! Mine would be…
    1. New shoes (I blame the weather)
    2. Harry Potter books (Shockingly, I’m not 14 years old…)
    3. Reading/Writing
    4. Mangoes (they are so messy but I’ve been craving them like crazy)
    5. Anderson Cooper (I can’t explain it so I won’t even try) 😉


  5. See, I’ve tried those, but it’s usually like black, blue, red, and something else. I like happier colors- green, pink, purple, even yellow if I don’t want to be able to read it later! 😛


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