“I Was Being Bad in My Room.”

As most of you already know, Brendan is my problem child. Sweet when he wants to be, too smart for his own damn good, but my most difficult kid nonetheless. Every day is an adventure with him, and I think if I ever stopped coloring my hair I’d find several surprise gray ones courtesy of my son.

So why was I surprised when he got up from his nap naked today? Anything is possible with him, I should know this by now. The nakedness would have been nothing had he not uttered the words no mother of a 3 year old ever wants to hear.

“Mommy, I was being bad in my room.”

This child scales furniture, runs out every open door, and gets into everything without batting an eyelash. So I knew as soon as he said that it must have been pretty bad. I wasn’t disappointed.

Hand soap. LARGE bottle of hand soap. Dumped all. over. his. bed. Some on the rug, some on the wall, quite a bit of it on the carpet as well. Judging by his naked, sticky self, he’d had quite a time playing in it. I never heard a peep, so I can only guess he’s finally learned if he is going to be out of bed during naptime, he’d best do it quietly.

20 minutes later he’s still naked, but clean. Bed, walls and mattress are wiped down and sheets are in the wash.

Is it five o’clock yet??

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27 thoughts on ““I Was Being Bad in My Room.”

  1. I’m just gong to go ahead & have a drink for you…because I have one just like him! Wasn’t it almost kind of worth it, since you were able to enjoy at least half and hour of peace and quiet?


  2. I agree with Anissa-it could have been diaper cream, or Vaseline smeared into all the stuffed animals. I bet everything smells clean now!

    But still, LMAO at “I was being bad in my room”!


  3. My son made a race-track with maple syrup on our living room carpet when he was three. He was up at the crack of dawn-I was surely still in bed with a hangover as drinking was the only way I survived his 3rd year.
    The next day he fed an entire pound of butter to the dog-who then puked everywhere.
    Did I mention that maple syrup has a dye that does not come out of carpets… even with a sweaty professional carpet cleaning man giving it his all for hours on end?
    Good times… good memories.


  4. oh no!!!! Well at least he thought to tell you about it so that it wasn’t a big surprise at bedtime….lol. Gotta love this age and those crazy things they justify as a “great idea in their heads!!


  5. I just returned home from a movie date with myself. Sometimes, you just have to escape. This time, however, I should have driven over and taken you with me.

    Here’s to really clean (not to mention honest) kids!


  6. Hey, well, half of bathtime is done already, right? Usually when my son is in a room getting in trouble all by himself, it’s because he’s hiding the fact that he’s pooping his pants.


  7. Ooof…oh man..that’s gotta suck – is there something in the air because my son has been a holy terror since this weekend – throwing tantrums because the wind blows – oy..


  8. Oh God, I feel your pain. Mine just emptied the contents of his closet last week, and among his discoveries was a bottle of shampoo. Don’t ask me what shampoo was doing in his closet, but there you have it.

    Never a dull moment!


  9. LOL That sounds like something my oldest would do. I swear he’s running a secret experiment to see at what point I will snap. And now he’s got a little brother as an assistant. LOL


  10. I was going to comment that at least he smelled clean but Heather beat me to it.


    Oh, it’s good to be back and know that I’m not the only mom suffering at the hands of her children.

    Wink, wink.


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