Remember how a couple years ago costumes from ‘Jo-Jo’s Circus’ were all the rage, going as high as $200 on Ebay? I never got it. Possibly because I never watched the show. Clowns are a little freaky to me, and the characters on that show are just plain odd looking. I seriously do not get why people went so nuts over this show! Yet somehow today it found its way onto our television. I was on my first Coke of the morning and out of nowhere I hear

“I’m going to teach you to do things with your body that feel really good inside and out!!”

I think I get it now.

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18 thoughts on “Ahhh..Ok…

  1. LOL! I know those little 5 minute segments of Jo Jo – and my nice innocent mind thought ‘it’s great these shows promote exercise for kids’ – you’ve corrupted me.

    BTW, I think not only am I a comment whore, apparently I’m a comment junkie too – leaving them all over the darn place these days!


  2. I LOVE Jojo’s circus! It gives me peace and quiet! Luke called me Jojo for at least 6 months! Then he switched to mom. Guess I look like a clown?


  3. My husband has never been a fan of JoJo. Something about he way her mouth moves but the rest of her face doesn’t. Then he heard her say that famous line. Now neither one of us can watch her w/o cracking up.


  4. Hahahaha…. LMFAO! I would have seriously had coke spraying out my nose at that point. I’ve got to watch some of these shows a bit more often…


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