I Finally Have Proof the Pregnant Girl Has Been Drinking!

It seems Playgroupie has either been drinking, or pregnancy brain has truly kicked in, because last night she decided to bestow upon me the prestigious “Thinking Blogger Award”.

thinking blogger award

The irony of this happening immediately following a post about my son peeing on his sister’s leg is not lost on me.

Such is my life, though. I am not, IMO, a “thinking” blogger, at least not in the way the award is traditionally given. I am ok with that. There are bloggers out there who enjoy analyzing and challenging viewpoints and teaching about things. And then there’s me, and my posts like this, this, and maybe this. Don’t get me wrong, I am capable of deep thoughts, I just prefer to focus on the lighter side of things. I’m better at it, and I just plain enjoy it. 🙂

So a huge thanks to Jen and her pregnancy-addled brain for completely overlooking that and giving me a little sidebar bling anyways. You know I love ya for it.

Now to the more serious part. As the recipient of this award, I am supposed to in turn nominate 5 more people that I think deserve this honor. I’m not going to do that.

There is one blog lately I have been wanting to spotlight, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so. I recently had a fellow blogger start commenting here, and as is customary, I paid a return visit to her blog. Only, unlike so many other visits, this one drew me in, and in more than the usual ‘Oh, this is cute, let me add her to Google Reader’ kind of way. Once I read a couple of posts, I had to know more, and before I knew it I’d read her entire archive in one morning. Here is a woman who is living with medical issues that would destroy the self-esteem of most women, in addition to dealing with her children’s past and present issues. Under the circumstances, most of us would buckle to depression. This woman instead has chosen to not only accept, but to embrace both herself and her life, and count her blessings instead. Having read her blogs and seen her pictures, I am convinced she is one of the most beautiful people in the world, both inside and out. She is an inspiration to us all, and truly a Thinking Blogger. As such, it would be an honor and a privilege to present the Thinking Blogger award to Cate at A Beautiful Life.

thinking blogger award

Cate, I hope you’ll display it proudly, and I hope everyone who reads this goes to the beginning of her story and reads through to the end the way I did, she has a lot to teach us all.

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6 thoughts on “I Finally Have Proof the Pregnant Girl Has Been Drinking!

  1. Alright I’m off to read….lucky for me (but not my housecleaning) naptime has just started. So sandwich and new blog is now my plan 🙂
    Congrats on the award.

    Oh, and the picture thing on the side still kinda creeps me out…lol


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