How My Day May or May Not Have Gone

I may or may not have had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and then inwardly cursed when I was hungry again an hour later. Damn carbs!

I may or may not have taken 3 children grocery shopping, and cursed out loud when two of them tried to kill each other in the cart.

I may or may not have skipped lunch and just chugged a Coke, because the non-napping 3 year old was making it impossible to get the groceries put away, let alone make myself a meal.

I may or may not have talked on the phone with a friend for over an hour when I really should have been doing housework.

I may or may not have gritted my teeth and smiled when hubby tells me he spent $60 today on his lunch break without discussing it with me first. I may or may not have called him a dumbass in my head as he told me this.

I may or may not have spent more time than I care to yelling at my boys today as they whined and screamed and colored on furniture and done umteenfuckingmillion other things that got on my nerves.

I may or may not have let hubby think he’s getting some tonight. I may or may not actually do it.

So did all these things happen? Maybe. Maybe not.

Confession may be good for the soul, but some days are just beyond redemption. 😉

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23 thoughts on “How My Day May or May Not Have Gone

  1. I may or may not think it is better to talk to a friend than to clean stuff that just gets dirty again five minutes later. I may or may not have said “dumbass” outloud if it had been my husband who spent $60 without discussing it with me.


  2. I may or may not have had french fries and soda for lunch.

    I may or may not have fed my daughter french fries and cheerios and milk for lunch.

    I may or may not have been lurking here for a while, probably finding you through Plain Jane Mom.


  3. I may or may not have had nearly the same day a few times this week (bad pregnancy rut, trying to break it). I also may or may not have let my children make a horrendous mess yesterday just so they would leave me alone for five flippin’ minutes.


  4. My boys aren’t little any longer, but MAN you bring back some memories. It’s a wonder I have hair on my head. Of course, they aren’t ever annoying when they’re older, either. And pigs fly.


  5. LOL..He spent the money on his lunch break, not on lunch! LOL!!! He decided out of nowhere to buy fishing poles. Have I mentioned in almost 9 years together the man has not once ever been fishing??


  6. Has he been taking lessons from OE??? I cringe everytime he calls during the day to tell me what he’s bought this time.


  7. I may or may not hurt my husband today. He took the day off and just declared that he is going golfing! creep-don’t mind me, I am just the lady who takes care of these friggen children around here.


  8. Sounds like the kinda day I had, with two screaming, whiny, sick boys and umteenfuckingmillion (hope you don’t mind me borrowing that…great word!) floods and other such household disasters!


  9. Hey we having unredemable days. My adorable 4 year old was griping at me “PARTY’S OVER” while we are at the grocery store….it was time to go home. So, while I’m fighint the reject cart, it’s loaded down with an infant in the carrier, gigantic diaper bag, and a ton of groceries…the adorable child is giving me a run for my money. And I was running late by about 10 minutes to pick up the kids from school. Super-hubby came to my rescue, unloaded groceries and went back to work, but that left me with busy bodies all wanting to be held, loved, played with, etc while the dishes were overflowing the sink, the laundry was piling higher….oh what a day. I was glad when it was bed time for all of them. 😀


  10. I can so relate to every single word of your post. Does it feel as good to get it out as it did for me to read it? Thank God I am not alone in my little less than perfect world!


  11. I may or may not have pretended not to hear when Sweet Boy was screaming at 5:00 this morning.

    I may or may not have eaten six sugar-free chocolate puddings today.

    I may or may not be spending the night in the bathroom (because of that).

    I may or may not have accidentally worn two different shoes today (same style, different color, oops).


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