Show Me the Goods!(Water Bra is Optional)

It’s a yucky rainy day out, so it looks like we will be stuck inside. Since most of my readers are fellow bloggers, I’d like to give you a chance to show off, and give me an excuse to stay curled up in my chair today.

Link me to your favorite post from your OWN blog. Doesn’t have to be the most commented on, or the most well-written. Just whatever you feel really represents what your writing is all about. Something that made you smile, and would be #1 in your own blogging hall of fame list.

Yeah, I’m a dork, forgot to put my own in!
Here’s Mine.
Do They Make Sports Bras For Your Butt?

Bring it on, let’s see what ya got!!

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24 thoughts on “Show Me the Goods!(Water Bra is Optional)

  1. This is fun, Sara. Such good posts.

    I liked this one because it captured the struggle between wanting my boys to hurry up and be able to take care of themselves already so I can take a shower or a nap (see, I’m reasonable, I said “or” not “and”) and simultaneously scrambling to soak up every bit of babyness before they aren’t babies anymore.


  2. My blog is lame, but here goes. I like this one because it is a great place for me to go when I am feeling sorry for myself. Kind of snaps me out of it:

    And of course my shameless cake self-promotion:

    It isn’t even about a cake of mine, but I posted this on a day I REALLY needed a laugh, and this joke gave it to me!


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