If He Were a Dog, and She Were a Hydrant, I Would Totally Get It

But he’s not. And she’s not. So I don’t.

So pardon my French here, but what the f*ck goes through a 3 1/2 year old boy’s mind when he decides to whip it out and pee on his sisters leg?????

Who do I call for help on this, Dr. Phil or the Dog Whisperer????

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33 thoughts on “If He Were a Dog, and She Were a Hydrant, I Would Totally Get It

  1. Cindy, She screamed and ran in the house yelling that her brother just peed on her leg.

    I stood there gaping like a moron going “What? He what??”

    Only in my house.


  2. LOL! My son is only 6 months, but he is tortured frequently and sometimes painfully by his big sister – he needs to know how to get his own back one day – ya think I should tip him off on this technique? 🙂


  3. Ryan has peed on Kyle and his friend before. It’s just something to do for attention I figured. They didn’t want to play with him, so he pissed on them, lol.


  4. Oh man. So, this is what I have to look forward to having a boy, huh? I have no experience with boys, and of course that’s what I had first. I love my son, but I don’t look forward to these situations.


  5. That is normal… you are right on track with raising well-balanced children. I know this because once when my oldest was just 5 and her brother was 2, she pee’d in a cup in the shower and tried to get him to DRINK IT!!! This still haunts me to this day for many reasons. #1 what kind of mother leaves the bathroom when a 5 year old and a 2 year old are bathing–but my beer was dry and I needed another. #2 what if he had drank it? How would I explain that to poison control or to the ER Doc who already knew my children by name? Thankfully I walked in just at the right moment and did the “DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! YOU COULD KILL YOUR BROTHER!” remark. She is fine… well balanced and intelligent. I wouldn’t turn my back on her if she were really angry with me, but other than that… she is completely normal. My son on the other hand will run screaming when anyone offers him lemonaid.


  6. I’m laughing so hard that I’m now convinced it’s going to happen to me. But in my case, Nicholas will pee on Elise’s head, just like Heather’s BIL.


  7. That is so typical. I guess maybe it’s like drawing on your sister’s leg or writing on a wall? Got it, why not use it on something? Good thing it wasn’t my daughter. That leg would have whacked him where it hurts and THEN she’d come crying to tell me. Kids are so neat, even when they’re driving us crazy with the things they do.
    I found you through the Carnival of Family Life #51.



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