The Third Wheel is Square

I have discovered something recently about my friends- they are all freaks.

It’s no secret that the Queen, the Playgroupie and I are all friends in real life. We are in the same playgroup, and have bonded a bit more over our blogging ventures. We make a pretty well rounded trio; just enough in common to have a good time together, yet just different enough that the conversation never gets dull. Let me tell you, I feel very blessed to have these two in my life.

That said, it has come to light recently that the two of them are not what I thought they were. All this time I thought they were normal, but alas, it seems they are closet anal retentives. I knew they were both fairly organized, and I knew they both had that put-together look that initially made me fearful they were Gapmoms. That alone is intimidating enough. But after the recent posts by the two of them talking about their lists and their hangups, I’m afraid I may no longer be able to be a part of their madness.

This may come as a surprise to some(ok, the people who don’t know me IRL), but I am not an organized person. At all. I have nothing against lists per se, but I don’t usually do them. The few times I bother I either lose them or forget them in the car, rendering them somewhat useless. I can pretty much be counted on to show up 10 minutes late to any event. I’m always, ALWAYS vacuuming when people get to my house, because its the last thing I do before company comes, and I am always late finishing it. As much as I strive to be better about these things, something always happens at the last minute and I always seem to come up short. I know it must drive them crazy watching me in action, just like I get a little woozy thinking about all their lists and sub-lists for something I probably wouldn’t bother to write down at all.

So why oh why oh why do I hang out with two people who profess to have serious organizational and control issues? I think part of me keeps hoping that those organizational skills will rub off on me, like through osmosis or something. They say to be successful you should surround yourself with successful people. I wonder if that is true of organized people as well? Time shall tell.

In the meantime I just try to comfort myself and say that I am the normal one, and they are the oddballs. It keeps me from questioning why they would put up with me.

It certainly ain’t for my mad list-making skillz.

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14 thoughts on “The Third Wheel is Square

  1. My house gets a major clean when we have company coming – and it’s going to be sparkling later today since DH told me his cousin is dropping by tomorrow! Nothing like impending visitors to get you in the mood for housework 😉


  2. List and organization skills are over rated. Plus, that mess in the living room will still be there later, right now lets have fun! That’s my motto/excuse.


  3. I’m like a cross between both worlds. I am a compulsive list maker, although like you I seem to forget them when I leave the house, so the only lists that do me any good are the ones of stuff that I actually need to do at home. Ahhh welll…. let me know if the osmosis thing works.


  4. You know, you can come over to the dark side with us. It’s fun. Lists, and organizing pantries and fretting about dish towels…it’s what give us that little something.

    Whatever. I need to go make a list of all the ways I can help you get more organized :)!


  5. I’m with Toni on this one. I have tried to do the list and organized thing but the only time it ever worked was when I was in that “nesting” stage.


  6. Hey consistency counts for something, doesn’t it? I can be always counted on to be 15 minutes late. And when guests arrive, I am usually upstairs showering/getting dressed because I make sure the house is spotless, the food ready, and everyone else fine before I deal with myself and then barely have time to make myself presentable. I should probably give some thought to that putting myself last part. I’ll add that to my list (you know, at the bottom).


  7. I have lists all over the place, but they are usually lost! I have no memory so I have to write everything down. Post it notes are my friend. As for organized haha I guess I will just have to be square with ya and clean for company!


  8. I would soooo be friends with the 3 of you gals! You all crack me up. I’m pretty much in the middle. I make lists, but never do them. My house is organized…somewhat. I show up somewhat ontime. I’m totally boring middle-of-the-road that way. It’s the 3 damn kids that are slowing me down, man.


  9. My house is not organized nor clean in the least, yet I am still a freak when it comes to little things, like how I fold t-shirts or towels on a rack. I’m also a great one for making lists and forgetting them at home.


  10. Yeah jennifer, the dark side rocks! The cookies alone are worth coming over. Let’s compare lists of our favorite cookies, k?!

    And really, I only get crazy with lists when I’m completely throwing myself, in an obsessive/compulsive way, into a project. Jen’s baby shower was a very much needed emotional distraction at the time i started planning it. So that particular event was a bit much when it came to lists, even by my organizational standards.


  11. There is always advantages to hanging out w/ the well organized list makers. You never have to worry about forgetting anything because they usually have it w/ extras. lol


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