It’s Like the Golden Globes, Without the Cool Swag Bags

It’s awards season here in Blogland. Every time we turn around someone has gotten nominated for some cool award or another- Top 100 Mom Blogs, the [tag]Bloggers Choice[/tag] Awards, the Best of Blogs [tag]awards[/tag], they are everywhere.

It’s understandable there are bloggers out there who might feel a little left out. (Kudos to [tag]TableforFive[/tag] for having the cajones to blog about it!) Who can blame them? I think when we sit home with our popcorn watching the Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, or whatever, we all dream of being up there accepting that award. Doesn’t matter that we are not actresses, it doesn’t matter that we are not 5’9 and size 0, it doesn’t matter that we don’t have the $10k to shell out on a vintage Valentino, not to mention the lipo and boob job we’d need to hold such a thing up. We want to be there anyways. To feel special, to feel glamorous, to feel important.

Like on tv, it’s easy to sit back and say “I wish I was up there” come time for these blog awards. What we have to remember though is that those who are nominated and won are those who have worked for it. They have put their time in, written award-worthy posts time and time again, and most importantly, at some point they have been in our shoes. They didn’t start out popular, they started out as much of nobodies as the rest of us. Just like [tag]Julia Roberts[/tag] wasn’t born with a [tag]Golden Globe[/tag] on the table beside her crib, great bloggers are made by hard work and lots and lots of practice.

It may take months, it may take years. But with enough talent and hard work, I think any blogger can get there, as long as they can find their voice and their audience.

In the meantime I’ll gladly offer up my couch for anyone who wants to come and watch the awards with me. We can wear sweats, eat popcorn and gossip about what the ladies are probably wearing as they accept their awards, all while dreaming that next year we will be up there too.

I wonder if Valentino makes dresses in an 8?

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18 thoughts on “It’s Like the Golden Globes, Without the Cool Swag Bags

  1. Honey, you deserve some retroactive awards. Your modesty keeps you from alluding to all of your accolades of late, even if the attention is a bit too late for this current “award season.” Your time is coming.


  2. Well, I only want to gossip about what type of girdle contraption the women MUST have on under their gowns in order to be so skinny. At least the ones who have had babies. Because you know they do! At least I hope they do. It would make me feel sooo much better about myself if they did. What if they don’t? What if it IS possible to look that damn good after having kids and what it really means is that I’m a lazy, floppy, saggy mom who just won’t do what it takes to look that good.

    Uh oh, now I need another type of couch.


  3. Loved your post on TopBlogMag, by the way!

    I left a comment on Table4Five that I sometimes feel like I’m sitting at the dork table in the high school cafeteria instead of with the “Cool Kids”, because I can’t seem to keep up in Blogland with what’s happening and who’s awarding who, etc. Oh well.


  4. Sorry about that whiney post above. I am approaching half way to my goal of losing 100 pounds by the time I’m 50, so my brain goes on standby mid-afternoon. Plus, both grandmothers are arriving next week for my son’s senior art show, so I’ve scheduled only 3 1/2 hours sleep until then to attempt to get the house ready for competing white glove inspections. My blog is a niche blog and I’m just beginning. I will figure it out! (See, I’m much better after a big salad.)


  5. Very well-written. (I went by to see Table for Five, too, and made a lot of the points in a comment to her that I’m making here in yours)

    It may take months, it may take years. But with enough talent and hard work, I think any blogger can get there, as long as they can find their voice and their audience.

    I am not so sure about that. I have been blogging for over five years and still rarely get over 40 page visitors per day to my blog. However…..I’m pretty okay with it. Smaller numbers means better chance of interaction and getting to know people. Plus…..I’m kind of a weirdo anyway, and would probably worry if the masses ever took enough of a liking to me to drive my visitor stats way up and started nominating me for blog awards. In fact, I’d be certain hell was freezing over πŸ™‚


  6. Omg, you really ARE bananas!!

    I appreciate the thought, really I do. Please don’t be offended if I don’t put up the button and all that though, its sweet to be nominated, but I am so not ready for all that.

    Would it be ok if I just sat back and enjoyed it? πŸ™‚


  7. LOL… I am not easily offended. Many try, but few succeed. But your blog is one of my faves, and one of FEW to last my hard-core daily cutting out of the RSS list, so maybe you don’t give yourself enough credit?


  8. You are making me blush, seriously.

    I’m still having that awards night couch party, so do you prefer regular or movie theater butter on your popcorn? πŸ˜‰


  9. What a great post and I’m sure this has been on MANY peoples minds even if they are not willing to admit it! I know it has crossed mine a few times. Thanks for the encouragement to myself and others!


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