If You Have a Myspace

Can you add me to your [tag]friends list[/tag]? I decided to make a page today to link to all my oh-so-talented bloggy lady friends, as well as those who are kind enough to stop by and read my daily ramblings. I admit it’s part self promotion, but I’d also love to be able to learn more about everyone else, and I do *heart* [tag]Myspace[/tag], even though I’m not 15 and won’t be posting any bikini pics. Hope to see you on my friends list!! 😀

Sara’s Attempt at Becoming a Friend Whore

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11 thoughts on “If You Have a Myspace

  1. Your quote–who are these kids and why are they calling me mom. Is the quote I wanted on my license plate frame before I ever had kids. Your blog reminded me that I should go out and get it!!


  2. Aww! I just noticed my post from today is in your sidebar! I am so honored! I knew if I came a pokin’ around here I would find something good!


  3. Hilarious, you MS whore, you! I sent you a request. I love it when I find bloggers on MS! Sorry to disappoint, though. Not much more on there about me that you won’t find on my blog. hhhmmmm…. maybe I should run with that, though. A little side secrecy is always fun, no??


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