16 thoughts on “It’s Going to Be 35 Degrees Here in the Morning.

  1. woah… that is brutal. would I be risking my commenter of the year nomination if I told you that we hit 74 here yesterday?!!

    happy easter… and bundle up for that egg hunt (you know you’re going to get sucked into going outside…)


  2. You wouldn’t want the camera to get cold, and besides, character building egg hunting with numb fingers really isn’t necessary for you like it is for them.


  3. I don’t think so! Thankfully, my kids aren’t into hunting eggs anymore, but I wouldn’t be traipsing outside in any temps under 50 to hide them, then videotape while they find them. Good luck! We’re up to a whopping 44 degrees in the ‘ville right now.


  4. Forget the eggs… just toss the candy in the middle of the living room and let the sugar high begin. I mean really-they can care less about finding eggs under a bush… they just want the stash!


  5. I was thinking this too, if I didn’t live on the third floor, I probably would have. I opted to hide them in the house, I didn’t feel like going outside to even hide them.


  6. Hell no. It was even cold and dizzly in Paradise today. What is up with that? I thought the groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year. Brrrrrr……


  7. What are you doing putting eggs outside? Okay I’m a northerner too, we always did the morning egg hunt inside and the big family gathering egg hunt outside in the afternoon! This weather is crazy!!


  8. We..errr..the Bunny hid them outside. We got lucky though, the weather forecast was off, it was 45 instead of 35! 45 is not hugely different than 35, but I’ll take it 🙂


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