Don’t Judge Me For Having an Affair!

I have been getting some weird Google search hits on my blog for really weird stuff. I thought tonight to look up one of them to try to find out what the people are actually trying to find. I almost wish now I hadn’t.

Seems there is a blog out there with a couple minor similarities to mine. Nothing major, but enough both our blogs come up in the search terms I was hit with. As for the differences..well, mine focuses on family life, and this person who is a wife and mother chooses to write her blog almost entirely about her extra-marital affairs. (Yes, you read that right, and yes, multiple affairs!)

As much as I joke about me hiding my blog, my reason for doing so is just so I can have my creative outlet entirely to myself. Should my husband see it, there’s not much that would truly upset him, and absolutely nothing that would cause any problems in our marriage. I cannot for the life of me imagine having a blog that I truly had to go to an effort to hide from him. I cannot imagine having an affair on my husband, much less multiple ones. I cannot begin to imagine doing this and keeping a blog who’s sole purpose is to brag about and chronicle said affairs. 

The person in question seems to be rejoicing in her online anonymity, and in addition to listing off all the men she is having/has had affairs with(by nicknames, lucky for them), she seems to delight in blaming her husband and her supposedly sexless marriage for her behavior. From the name of her blog, to her reasons for sleeping around, its all his fault. And then there’s her fear of being judged. She makes comments all over about how people shouldn’t judge her for what she’s doing. “You don’t know me, so don’t judge me.” “Don’t bother leaving comments if you are just here to judge me!” So you admit online to sleeping with no less than like 4 different guys behind your husbands back, and you can’t understand WHY people would not approve of this?? Seriously?? And yes, she has kids. How she knows her husband is the daddy is quite frankly beyond my comprehension.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, it’s at dayinthelifeofoblivion dot blogspot dot com. I will not link there for obvious reasons. Make sure you have plenty of soap, I feel like I need a shower after just one visit there.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me For Having an Affair!

  1. I didn’t check it out – but I think enough of us are savvy enough to know that the internet is never as anonymous as some would hope – she’ll get caught sooner or later – I suspect that is exactly what she wants. Sounds like a very sad life.


  2. I agree with Annie that she will get caught sooner or later. How people can do things like that, I don’t know, but to post it on the internet for the world to see….yipes


  3. OYE! She uses the same layout as me! YIKES. Me and my innocent little cakes looks like her and her, umm, honey-cakes blog. EEEW. Even more reason for me to find another template.

    Seriously, you are really ignorant if you think a blog grants anonymity (I hope that’s the right spelling!) I hope she doesn’t “check” her blog from work.



  4. I looked briefly and all I can say is how very sad! I can’t believe someone would treat cheating on their spouse so casually. I feel sorry for that entire family. Just reading her blog roll depressed me.


  5. Sad. She is obviously subconsciously or consciously wanting to get caught. She can’t be that stupid to believe that she would be able to lead this anonymous life. I feel so sorry for those kids!


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