No, Really, I’m Laughing WITH Him!

Brendan’s preschool Easter part is today, and they decided to make it an especially festive occasion and have each child make a hat and they will parade in them before hunting eggs and gorging themselves on pizza and candy. I’m not much of a craft person, so we made his very simple. (Actually, truth be told, I forgot about the whole hat thing till an hour before school, but that’s neither here nor there.) Being the resourceful mommy I am, I grabbed the stapler and an old folder(we were out of construction paper) and we improvised a cute set of bunny ears. Then inspiration struck, and I grabbed a lipstick and an eyeliner, and drew a nose and whiskers on his face. My hope is he’ll look so cute the Gapmoms at his school won’t notice how slap-dash the hat is. Not to mention the future blackmail potential of a picture like this-


I mean really, I love my kids to pieces, but considering they are driving me to the brink of insanity, I deserve to be able to get some small pleasure in torturing them mercilessly having some fun with them right?

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16 thoughts on “No, Really, I’m Laughing WITH Him!

  1. Oh how cute. I love the ears and whiskers.

    It will be good for showing to future girlfiends and submitting for the Sr. page of the high school year book. lol


  2. That is funny. I was just thinking about writing a post about the different ways that I torture my kids. Mine are getting numb to my torture tactics and I need some new ideas.


  3. Methinks you are very resourceful mom! I’m so glad there are other people in the world just like me. My son had school pics on Monday and my neighbor called to remind me on Sunday (twice throughout the day) and still I manage to forget…I STILL don’t have a clue what he wore!


  4. This afternoon the kids and I were poring over some photo albums and talking about how much we miss their little brother and in general, just sort of being somber. (Funny how a kid dying can make that happen…)

    Anyways, we stumbled on a picture of last year’s Christmas where Frac received Spiderman underwear and undershirts. He posed in his he-man pose and I caught it on film.

    We saw that pic and I looked up and smiled and told him when he turns 16 that is the pic I’m gonna post in the local newspaper so everybody can see him in his Spidey underroos.

    He just about died.

    Me, I’m counting the years. He’s nine now….



  5. Love it! I’m all about the blackmail pictures…

    Thanks for visiting and for agreeing to play with me. Here are your questions:

    1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

    2. How do you balance the demands of motherhood with blogging?

    3. What is your top pet peeve?

    4. What is one thing about yourself that you are trying to change?

    5. How do you unwind when the stress of daily life gets to you?


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