I’m Always Good For a Bandwagon!

Yes, I too am jumping on the “Ditch the blogroll and just share posts we loved” bandwagon. I see this as a good change, so I’m all for doing what the cool kids are doing this time around.

That said I’m always looking for new and interesting people to add to my own reading list, so if you are lurking and want me to swing by, just drop me a comment!

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12 thoughts on “I’m Always Good For a Bandwagon!

  1. Erika from Plain Jane Mom gave me a great tip….you can increase the number of shared items by going into the code and changing the number after you see:


    I changed mine to 30. Worked like a charm!


  2. Ditching the blogroll? WHA???? I am in the process of trying to get everyone I read set up with google reader and just embedding that on my site….but I just can’t figure it out. I am so low-tech.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I’ll have plenty of frou-frou tropical drinks at the ready (and I can smell the ocean and yummy scented tanning oil – or sunscreen, your pick – already). Just know that I cannot charter a boat till I win the lottery!


  3. Would you believe I was just planning on adding a list of the blogs I love to my sidebar this weekend? So, what, this isn’t cool anymore?

    Ah, and all of my new readers were coming from your link to me, too!

    I’m telling you, I never had these problems with a journal.


  4. I love this idea so much better! (Although I am so behind the times it’s staggering. Yes, I too was getting ready to add a blog roll.)

    BTW, I’d love it if you’d stop by in your “free” time.


  5. I notice you’re also on WordPress like me. Did you have to change the script in any way or put extra tags around the code that Google Reader gave you? Because I tried a few times to embed mine on my blog and it just kept coming up blank. I tried doing it the way the Zero Boss’s tutorial said. I’ll keep searching for answers and eventually it should work.


  6. I’m so archaic. I just set up my new blog and I thought about doing the whole google reading thing…I love that idea.

    But when push comes to shove, I know I’d forget to update it regularly, which would sort of defeat the process.

    So, I’ll just get run over by the bandwagon.

    I don’t bruise easy, so I’m not terribly worried!


  7. i can’t decide what is cooler? blogroll or blog postings.

    i want to be cool!!
    –but isn’t this so much more work every day?…hmm, so many people are doing this now that maybe they won’t even use the blogroll. love to hear about it after you’ve done it for a few weeks–both work load-wise as well as impact from your readers.


  8. Wanted to drop by and say hello. I found you over on Special K Family’s blog. So far I love both your blogs very much. I find your writing to be very entertaining. (that’s a compliment)


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