Sunday Nights Just Got A Lot More Interesting!

If you are not a [tag]Showtime[/tag] subscriber, get it, now!

I have never been a fan of Showtime, I am an HBO girl myself. Rome, Sopranos, Big Love; pitter-patter goes my little heart! But with Rome getting the ax and the final season of Sopranos looming, whats a girl to Tivo??

Out of the darkness comes a shining gem, a beacon of hope on the horizon. Its name is The Tudors.

The show is about the fascinating political battles, fueds, passions and intrigues taking place in the court of King Henry the VIII. My husband had actually Tivo’d the first two episodes, and about 15 minutes into the first one I looked up from my laptop and was immediately sucked in. By the the time it ended I was in no mood to wait, and had him turn on the second episode so I could see what would happen next. I am not a huge history buff, but after reading [tag]Philippa Gregory[/tag]’s The Other Boleyn Girl, it was interesting to compare what I’d already read to the way it was laid out in the show.

The Sunday night drama series starts this weekend, but the first two episodes of the season can already be seen as a sneak preview on the website, or on Direct tv or Time Warner Cable’s OnDemand.

I can’t say enough about this show, other than that we are subscribing to Showtime just to be able to watch it. Check out their website and see for yourself.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Nights Just Got A Lot More Interesting!

  1. I’ve seen the 1st 2 episodes too! I love this kind of crap!

    The Other Boleyn Girl was an excellent book. I’m excited about the upcoming movie.


  2. Philippa Gregory’s Books are awesome! You should start off by reading the Constant Princess, thats where Henry the VIII is still a young boy, then the other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance(BRAND NEW!!), The Queens Fool, then finally the Virgins lover. Thats how they go in chronological order but she published them out of sequence, but neway, her website is, its absolutely great reading! once the first seasons over, go back and read the books, definitely worth the time!


  3. I had no idea they were making a movie of it! I am going to have to do a search on that!

    Historynut, thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that timeline, I hadn’t read the other books because I didn’t know what order they would be in! Off to the library tomorrow!


  4. Your very welcome! I just started to like reading again and Philippa Gregory just caught my attention! I’ve read the Constant princess up to the Queens fool since Christmas, I got them for christmas and i ate them right up! I cant wait till the movie comes out! By the way, how do i get a blog spot? I have a myspace which this seems similar? Any help is appreciated! Have a great weekend!


  5. I watched the first two also. I’m a sucker for period films so I’m biased already. I can’t say I was sucked into the story yet but I’m going to watch a couple more shows of it and see. I got sucked into Rome but then was disappointed in how early they ended the series and the quality of the shows towards the end.


  6. I saw a magazine ad featuring a nice photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers all dressed as Kingy McSexy. I can see why a woman might overlook a beheaded wife or two. Rowr.


  7. I am soooooooooo looking forward to this show – I love Phillipa Greory (also Alison Weir and Antonia Frasier are awesome) and this show is going to kick ass! Cannot wait!!!


  8. I tell you, I’m seriously thinking about getting showtime–for just this reason! It looks like a fantastic show (never mind the Rhys Meyers eye candy!). Now to convince my secret admirer that we NEED showtime!


  9. I’m glad i’m not the only person who signed up for Showtime just to watch this show! I love anything Tudor, whether it be books, movies or anything… I am so excited for this show!


  10. If you all love Phillipa Gregory (I do too!) Try reading Margaret George’s The Autobiography of Henry VIII. It is wonderful as well. It is truly interesting to compare history to the two author’s books.


  11. I also love the Phillipa Gregory books and have read them all (in order).
    I guess I over-hyped myself. Knowing that Henry was going from hot to fat by the time he goes for Anne Boleyn kept ruining my vision on the screen. I’m still going to watch but I miss Rome.


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