No Music Meme for Me(me)

I read a post the other day where the author said she was not comfortable doing the [tag]music[/tag] meme making the [tag]blogging[/tag] rounds, because music was such an intensely personal thing.

I haven’t done it because, quite frankly, I have terrible taste in music.

I will admit it, I LOVE music from the 90’s. If I have any XM station on, its the [tag]90’s[/tag] channel. And nothing excites me more than turning the radio on and finding out they are doing the 90’s flashback segment.

This wouldn’t be so terrible to admit, if the music from the 90’s hadn’t been so. damn. awful. Have you ever gone back and listened to it?

“All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a poom-poom – JUST SHAKE
Huh? what is a poom-poom, and do I really even want to know?

“Jump Jump
The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump
The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump
Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump “

“I came to get down [2x]
So get out your seats and jump around
Jump around [3x]
Jump up Jump up and get down.
Jump [18x]”
Apparently there was a LOT of jumping going on back then, but I don’t remember doing any of it.

“Informer, you no say daddy me snow me I’ll go blame,
A licky boom boom down.
Detective mon said daddy me snow me stab someone down the lane,
A licky boom boom down.”
I don’t think any of us ever figured out the lyrics to this one.

And one that I still love, from Boyz II Men ‘End of the Road’
“Girl, I’m here for you
All those times of night when you just hurt me
And just ran out with that other fella
Baby I knew about it, I just didn’t care
You just don’t understand how much I love you do you?
I’m here for YOU
I’m not out to go out and cheat on you all night
Just like you did baby but that’s all right “
Thats all right?? If this song were written today, the guy would have bitch slapped her and wished herpes on her and still found some way to make it rhyme.

So yeah, I admit it, I love 90’s music, as awful as it was. You’ll have to excuse me now, I have to go pick my daughter up from school, and they’ve been playing “Can’t Touch This” at around 3:05 every afternoon.

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14 thoughts on “No Music Meme for Me(me)

  1. Im obsessed with the 90s channel on xm. And i will have you know, that i have 3 kris kross songs on my ipod, along with several other very incriminating songs


  2. I happen to like 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and very little recent stuff. (Probably cuz I’m too busy listening to the old stuff). And honestly, what does today’s music have to offer? I doubt the lyrics are any better!


  3. My favorite XM Channel is Flight 26. They play a good mix of 90’s and today. My husband recently spent $120 on a collection of ’80s cds. I was excited when it first came in and I listened to all 11 cds the first day. Now, I can’t force myself to put one in unless I want to torture the kids. Another good torture tool for kids is XM Sunny 24…pull up to school, crank up the radio, roll down the windows and sing at the top of your lungs!


  4. I totally zoomed zoomed zoomed and probably did it in a poom poom and just don’t know it. And I had tons of fun getting out of my seat and jumping around. Though I got elbowed on the dance floor when someone else came down on their jump and that wasn’t fun. But I was drunk, and numb, and got over it really quickly. And went back to jumping!

    And I obviously LOVE Baby Got Back and teach my sons how to dance to it.

    90’s music is AWESOME!


  5. Yeah, it’s the season I remember best – graduated high school in 1993. I don’t care for the new stuff now and have “graduated” to New Country. Not nasty like the stuff my dad used to listen to, but lovey like I want Hubbers to feel about me. And yes, he’s hooked now too.
    ‘S’all good, ya’ll.


  6. You are cracking me up. One of my favorite talk radio guys was discussing songs on his IPod one day a while back and I started laughing, because it shows you, how weird we all are. 🙂

    I remember Kris Kross making ya jump too. Now, I’ll be humming that song for the rest of the night and probably wake up humming it tomorrow too. Thanks Sara, thanks a lot.


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