Reason #21 I Am Not Cut Out To Raise Boys

I just got done getting Brendan up for his nightly 9pm pee. He rarely has accidents anymore, but getting him up before I go to bed insures I don’t get woken up at 3am hearing “Mommy, me all wet”.  Better safe than sorry right?

Only there is a downside to waking a sleeping male and expecting him to urinate on command. Did I say downside? I guess technically it is an upside.  Yeah, that little issue.

I get my sleeping child up, guide him to the potty, pull his pants down as he rubs his eyes and blinks against the light, and usually he does his thing, and then sleepily runs back to bed. Obviously doing this every night I’m no stranger to seeing the soldier standing at attention, so to speak. Only tonight the flag was at full mass as opposed to half. Out of the bathroom my husband hears me screeching “No Brendan, point it down! In the toilet, point it down! Point it down!!” as my son stands there and half asleep, pees all over the bathroom wall.

I am quite indignant as I wiped down the wall and toilet, and relayed the story to my husband. His response surprised me. “Well, I’m with him on that one.” What..what? “What do you mean?”, I ask him.  He tells me when its standing at full attention like that, it hurts to point it down. So what, given the choice between a little pain(childbirth, yoohoo??) and me cleaning pee off the base of the toilet and walls, he prefers to sacrifice me?? Suddenly it all makes sense. All this time I assumed these things happen because my husband was too sleepy to even turn the bathroom light on. Now I know he just was afraid his poor peepee might hurt. Ugh.

I told him thats it, I am on strike. I’ll clean the sinks, tub and shower, but the toilet in our bathroom is now and forever his responsibility. He laughed, but I am dead serious.

Luckily we have a guest bathroom. I have a feeling ours will be, shall we say, less than sanitary soon.

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21 thoughts on “Reason #21 I Am Not Cut Out To Raise Boys

  1. Oh my God that’s hillarious… well not for you! 🙂 Glad I have girls… well I am now… we’ll see when their teens! 🙂 Just found your blog – am enjoying reading it!


  2. And this is just another reason that I think I may just be happy with one little girl… why risk what’s left of my sanity?


  3. Pee on the wall, floor, btdt. I’ve even witnessed a sleepy attempt to pee on the window. Go figure. I managed to divert that one in time. But girl, if you’re having to clean pee up after your husband, it is definitely time for a smack down. That is not usual grown male behavior. At least not in my world of 3 males and a lady. Maybe other women have similar issues?


  4. Oh my. . .that made me laugh so hard! Of course, I should probably not say that as I’m working on potty training my oldest boy right now and have another coming up right after! Oh the joys I have to look forward to, but plenty of writing material.

    Thanks for the laugh!


  5. My little guy pisses all over the walls and toilets also. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the pee smell. Maybe we should invent like a tube or something for them to put their penis in?


  6. Oh yeah, three boys and a dad here at our house. I find pee in places I never thought it could reach! The problem with going on strike is that they have a much higher gross threashold than I do.


  7. For years I have been wondering how the pee made it to the back walls and around the counters. My husband has blamed our child consistently but I know it was there before he was ever born. My biggest pet peeve is walking into each of our three bathrooms and being hit with that smell, or worse, finding it on my bare feet each and every morning. The husband is “supposed” to clean up after himself but it hasn’t happened yet. Thanks for the heads up…at least I know there’s a reason behind it. Still don’t like it.


  8. Ahhh…I’ve just joined you in this one. My oldest son has just been potty trained. Yuck, yuck, and more yuck. Why can’t they just all sit down like civilized people? 😉

    Here via CoFL


  9. Thank goodness I have girls. I wouldn’t even know where to start with raising a boy. There are too many unknowns there! LOL!

    Here from the Carnival of Family Life


  10. I think it is time to start changing building codes to require a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor and a shower attachment next to the toilet.
    Either that or maybe you’re suppose to give your husband a whirl every night before going to sleep? Could be fun.


  11. Luckily from the very beginning, we enforced the sit down and pee rule at our house. He’s allowed to stand everywhere else but at home. And that has proven invaluable to having a clean toilet. Believe it or not, we have more trouble with our daughter leaning back and spraying the bathroom in the beginning!


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