So This Whoring Thing is Kinda Paying Off

Wow. I admit it, I am in awe of myself. A few new links placed and a MyBlogLog account and all of a sudden I have lots of comments, and I see more and more people visiting my page. Ok, there may have been a lot of people coming before, I do have some really cool friends out there 😉 But now even people I don’t know are reading, and I think maybe, just maybe, they might like me. That MyBlogLog thing is kinda cool, btw. I am meeting some people with some really great blogs, and now my blog has a community there. I still haven’t quite yet figured out just how my blog got its own community, but dang it sounds cool doesn’t it? And I didn’t even ask anyone to join, they just read my blog and joined! I feel kinda special, and not in the “rides the shortbus” way either.

This post may be a little narcissistic(topic of the day) but I think we are all entitled once in awhile right?

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9 thoughts on “So This Whoring Thing is Kinda Paying Off

  1. mybloglog has brought me more readers then any other traffic scheme I have used on the net in the last 12 years. It is pretty amazing, its how I found you, lol.


  2. I check out this blog every so often – it is so soothing to read about moms having the same kinds of days I do!!

    I rarely leave messages though because I’d hate you to think I’m some blog stalker – maybe lurking is worse though huh? I found your blog via HHWC


  3. Ok, I hope you two blog whores are coming over tomorrow. I signed up at bloglog the other day but haven’t had time to really look at it. Will you bitches be my cliff notes for the site? ha! I swear my job is cutting in to my narcissistic blog time!


  4. I’m one of the ones that found you through MyBlogLog and I’m glad I did. I love your posts! They make me laugh and realize there are other moms out there that experience the same things I do! Keep it up and congrats on all the new traffic!


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