A Little Bit of This and That.

I keep meaning to sit down and blog, and I swear every time the thought enters my mind some earth-shattering disaster happens or my kids start beating the snot out of each other, and suddenly sitting down with the laptop looks about as attainable as reaching the top of Mount Everest in a bikini. Since we all know the odds of stuffing a woman who’s had 3 kids into a bikini, you can imagine the possibility there.

While I haven’t done any bathing suit shopping, I have started picking things up here and there for myself lately, and I must say its a habit I really could get used to. I told you the other day about my wild and crazy underwear spree. Well today I went a little nutty again, only this time it was shoes. I bought a lot of shoes today. A LOT of shoes. Nine pairs to be specific. I know, I know, it sounds insane. But unless you were there you have no idea how amazing this sale truly was. Name brand shoes for $9.97 a pair, and they were buy 2 pairs, get one free. My math truly sucks, but I think this works out to roughly $7 a pair? Really, I’d have been crazy NOT to stock up. This sale is only twice a year, so its not like those one-day-only, lowest prices of the season!! events JC Penny advertises in the paper every single Sunday. The only truly insane part in my mind is that I can’t wear most of these shoes until fall, since it was an end of season sale. I’m considering it an investment, because I now have a full winter shoe wardrobe, and shouldn’t have to buy any more black or brown shoes for another, oh, bazillion years or so. Can you really believe I got all these plus 2 pairs of cute sunglasses for like $65??

Since I seem to have totally lost my mind, I decided one more moment of insanity couldn’t possibly hurt, and I made a phone call that I may later regret. In the PTA newsletter there was a mention that there are going to be several positions open on the board next year. Yep, in continuation of my evil plan to rule the world, I am going to attempt to infiltrate the PTA and take office. I might or might not get in, but we should get some interesting blog posts out of it at least 😉 Our current lineup of PTA board members more closely resembles a homecoming court reunion than a group of moms, so they may take one look at me and say “Thanks but no thanks”. But thats ok, I will not be intimidated by a bunch of Suburbia Barbies. I have a secret weapon after all- Damian told me today he will more than gladly let me borrow his favorite shoes to wear to the next PTA meeting!

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2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This and That.

  1. Damian looks adorable, does he need some lingerie to complete the look?

    You’ll make a great PTA officer, don’t let the homecoming court get to you!

    Great shoes!


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