Only the Mommies Could Understand.

Ladies, I have news to share that only my fellow moms could possibly understand.

I bought new underwear.  AND new bras!

I can actually hear the moms cheering, and those without kids shaking their heads and giving me the same kind of “Umm, ok?” look my husband gives me. Let me explain.

For those who don’t have kids, buying new underwear is like buying bananas or a new cd. You don’t give it a whole lot of thought, you just get it when you need or want it.

Once you have kids, everything for YOU goes out the back door, and everything for THEM becomes front and center on the to-do list.  Even things they may not necesarily need inch higher up the list than the things you may need or want. Its just part of parenthood, like dirty diapers and tantrums. After awhile you find yourself questioning every purchace, stopping to consider whether those cute pink heels are worth the money, or whether you should skip it because little Johnny is going to need a new pair of sandals soon. Eventually even your basic needs are on the backburner, and you find yourself wearing things you normally would not have used for dustrags pre-children.

This is especially apparent in mommy’s underwear drawer. Yes ladies, you KNOW what I am talking about. The thongs that used to be cute before the lace started coming apart at the edges.  The granny panties you hold onto for AF’s monthly visit, but they tend to creep out when you are short on laundry as well. The bras that were great when you were nursing, but you are still wearing even though you weaned 6 months ago(yes, I am guilty of this one!). That pair of hipster briefs that looked SO good when you bought them, but aren’t looking so hot with the extra 10lbs from the holidays squeezed into them.

I decided tonight it was time to take another step towards reclaiming myself. I went out and bought new underwear. Cute underwear. Underwear with prints, and colors, and not a single pair of them reach my navel. And bras. Omg, I bought new bras. For the first time in my life I own more bras than there are number of days in the week. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t break the bank, Kohl’s clearance rack was especially good to me tonight.  But even cheap new underwear is better than the raggedy, ugly stuff that has gradually taken over my lingerie drawer.

Tomorrow I shall purge my closet, and make a sacrifice to the goddesses of shopping and sexuality. May they bless me, because rumor has it there is going to be a killer shoe sale Thursday.

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9 thoughts on “Only the Mommies Could Understand.

  1. I hear you loud and clear and am applauding you for taking the plunge (not literally, of course…those new bras should be doing the opposite of that, right???)

    I sooo need to take the same initiative, but it keeps falling further and further down the list…and besides, bra shopping for this deflated fried egg chest is right up there with donning the stirrups at the OB.


  2. Another one to jump on the “Mama is Getting Her Groove Back or Die Trying” bandwagon. Ain’t it fun!

    I raise my glass to new panties, bras that don’t look like your granny’s, and all shoe whores.


  3. *claps* Bravo! I’m proud of you. It takes all that I can muster to buy myself new panties and bras, and now that I’m pregnant it will be that much further off. Unless they are nursing bras. LOL



  4. I will be thinking of this blog when I go buy my expensive but fits me so well bathing suit in the next couple of weeks. And I’ll be thinking of you again when I can’t fit the expensive bathing suit next summer because I had the baby AND lost a lot of weight 🙂


  5. I, too, am guilty of wearing nursing bras now that my son is done nursing and onto the potty chair… I just need to suck it up and go buy some new ones, but I keep putting it off.

    Good news is that I bought undies last week for the first time in AGES. And they have color, not just white. AND I bought them because I lost enough weight that the old ones could be pulled up over my boo*bs.

    That’s some need there, ladies.

    Good for you! More power to the undie bra fairy!


  6. I’m so jealous. I have thought about going to the bra store every weekend for the last two months and can’t get out of the house w/o at least 1 teenaged male. The last time I drug one with me the endless bitching and phone calls from the car made me quite miserable.


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