Rare Flash of Creativity

It was our turn to provide the Friday treat for Gabrielle’s class today, and I wanted to come up with something really good. Usually we just do store-bought cookies, but since I’ve been doing my Martha-in-training routine I thought it might be nice to do something a little more interesting. Decided to try the ice cream cone cupcake recipe, and I have to say they turned out well!


Granted my cake decorating tools have not seen the light of day for a loonnnggggg time, and it shows! Gabrielle was over the moon thrilled, and I got the Good Mommy of the Day award in her eyes. Thats all that really matters, right? On the not-so-great side, she now wants me to do her birthday cake by hand this year instead of buying it. Eeeek!

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5 thoughts on “Rare Flash of Creativity

  1. Those turned out great! Go to cakecentral.com; tons of ideas, pictures and information on making cakes. They are very helpful. Just one word of advise. Don’t let your daughter see any of the cakes you are perusing. You’ll really have your work cut out for you then!


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