A Letter to Brendan’s Previous Speech Therapist.

(I needed to send her an update, so for those who have been asking about his speech stuff, here’s an update for you too.)

Hi Jennifer! Sara here, haven’t sent an update on Brendan for awhile so thought I’d sit down and let you know how he’s doing 🙂

Brendan’s speech has continued improving and around October or so he started picking up words like crazy. It lasted a good month or two, and we got a LOT of new words out of it. As is typical though when it finally slowed down I also noticed he had dropped some words, and is badly slurring the endings of most of his words. You’ll remember he always did this to some degree, but now there are words he’s had forever that are barely understandable even to me. Two steps forward, one step back…I’m still getting used to that part. Even with the setbacks, we are seeing progress, and thats all that really matters. The way he puts his words together continues to become more complex and that is really encouraging to me. The thought process is there, even if the words are not always. And most exciting, he has learned to say not only his name, but his brother’s and sister’s as well 🙂 Granted most are not going to have a clue who “Buh-un”, “Day-un” and “Da-ah-dowl” are, but we are thrilled he is finally able to try. I had a conversation with his ST recently about his complete lack of ability to make any kind of G sound, and then funny enough today I read on Apraxia-Kids about the R sound, and the G was mentioned also. Apparently troubles with those two letters are common?(It would certain explain why green to this day is still ‘neen’!)

Anyways, we had a reality-check moment today. After his speech session the teacher told me she would like to add another day to his weekly sessions, and this one would be one-on-one. That would put him at 3x a week, one 1-1 and 2 small group. At first I thought maybe she had enough kids phase out that she had extra appointment times, but then as she talked about trying to work him in, I realized that she too is noticing some of the regressing areas, and thought he needed the extra time. I am happy, obviously, because he needs it and this is what we wanted from the beginning. The more help the better. But at the same time, its one of those moments that reminds you of just how long this journey is going to be. Mot of the time Brendan is just a typical adventurous, willful 3 year old. Days like today I am reminded that he’s not just another 3 year old, and my heart hurts for him. He has got so much energy and love and passion for life, and I’d give anything to be able to give him the voice to put his thoughts out there and be understood.

I spent a little time feeling sorry for us, and then I blew my nose, took a couple motrin, and got on the phone. First I called the pediatric neurologist and scheduled his several-month-overdue followup. His last words to me were the tests were all normal, so when he saw him again in 6 months he’d probably be talking up a storm. Not exactly the case, and I don’t know that there is any use at all in going back, but he wanted to see him again so we will go. If nothing else it may be good to establish history with him in case we ever need information from him for IEP stuff or something.

Then I called USA and told them I wanted to go ahead and schedule him to go in for the apraxia profile. I had gone back and forth between having it done, since he’d shown so much improvement in the fall. Now I think its time to set things in motion and get the diagnosis down on paper. Not that it will change anything, but its another step in the process and will have to be done eventually. No time like the present I guess. Once that is done I plan to look into getting a small regional support group going. I’ve searched and the closest one is Birmingham, which does little for us down here on the gulf coast.

Thats about all for us right now. I hope the new job is treating you well, let me know how you are liking it up there!

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2 thoughts on “A Letter to Brendan’s Previous Speech Therapist.

  1. I know Brendan is a VERY smart little boy. And all of us who love Brendan wish we knew why someone so sweet, smart & lovable has a time communicating those things. I know it hardest of all for you, of course. We love Brendan and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that only good things will come to him…even if we don’t know exactly how or why just yet. (((HUGS))) Mama! You are doing a fabulous job with him!


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