It’s My Pity Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To.

This has been the worst week I’ve had in a VERY long time. Seriously, I am on the verge of demanding a do-over, because this sh*t just ain’t right.

Last Friday the kids had colds. Nothing serious, just yucky noses and general whinyness.

Saturday the kids have colds and the ex and I get into the worst fight we’ve had in a very long time. This was one of those yelling, door-slamming, ignore each other unless we are yelling at each other fights. Why were we fighting? I moved a rug. Don’t ask.

Sunday we barely speak. Sunday night I am woken up by my 3 year old telling me he threw up. I clean him up, put him back to bed, and we repeat this process 20 minutes later. During this time I learned the words that no mother ever wants to hear- “Mommy, I threw up”, but coming from a second voice in the doorway as you are holding the first puking child over the toilet. And to continue the cruel cosmic joke, the third child we quickly learned had already thrown up, but immediately went back to sleep. I went from no dirty laundry to 2 basketfulls in about 3.5 minutes. Bless him, hubby DID stay up and help with the kids as long as I needed him.

Monday Gabrielle stays home from school. I took Brendan to the Dr that day, and they gave us a prescription for something no pharmacy around here keeps in stock. Walgreens was super nice and called around for me, and located a pharmacy that had it, but neglected to tell me which of the 2 stores on that road it was called to, 10 minutes before they closed. I took a guess, and picked wrong. Came home, called th Dr on call, and they were nice enough to call something else in to one of only 2 24 hour pharmacies here. I get there its not ready yet, finally at 11:30 at night I get home with medication.

Tuesday the ex wakes up sick, tried to go into work anyways, and lands in the ER with dehydration. They give him fluids, dope him up, and send him home so I then get to care for two sick boys and a sick adult.

Wednesday boys are still puking somewhat randomly, hubby is feeling better. Boys are having massive runs, and one of them has an accident in the bathroom that I can suddenly imagine what a frathouse bathroom looks like after an all night kegger. Thank god for Clorox wipes.

Today I take the boys grocery shopping because they seem ok finally. They fight and whine and beat on each other the entire Target trip. We get home, Brendan refuses to nap. Go pick up Gabrielle, come back, and Damian starts throwing up again. He stops, we get the boys to bed, and here goes Brendan puking again, only he is doing it very 10 minutes or so. After a second dose of phenergan he slowed down finally. As I type this he is beside me on the couch where we will be sleeping, and I will be perched with the barf bowl ready to spring into action.

So as you can see its been a LONG week here. Any and all donations of chocolate and pina coladas are welcome.

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8 thoughts on “It’s My Pity Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To.

  1. Well, I don’t do rum. It gives me a raging headache even off of one drink. Wow…I do sound like a lush! Oh hell, I don’t care. I am what I am. You know I always keep vodka (there’s the lush confession again) and it is so versitile that I know we can whip you something you’ll like.

    I hope you’ll be able to make it to the parades with us tomorrow. It won’t be the same without you. If the kids are still sick, I say you sneak away by yourself and come parade with us. You most definitely deserve it after this week.


  2. Man Sara, I don’t even know what to say! I am so sorry for the week from hell. I know how part of that feels anyways. I only had 2 children throwing up at any given time this week, and thankfully Doug got sick after 2/3 had recovered. This is one hell of a stomach bug going around though, especially for the littlest ones. Caden is still not fully over it, a week later, and threw up AGAIN last night. Hopefully very soon, both our families are stomach bug free for a LONG LONG LONG LONG time!!


  3. Oh gosh Sara! Yuck yuck yuck! I’ve only experienced that once, and that was with one child (knock on wood). You poor thing and your poor kids. I hope things get much better very quickly!

    P.S. As much as I love Target, it really seems to bring out the worst behavior, doesn’t it!?

    You need a cake don’t you? 😉


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