Another Early Morning.

I had every intention of posting a blog this morning. I’m not sure what about, but Brendan was up at 5:40, so it seemed like a good idea to kill a little time until the sun actually comes up or something. Only my internet is down, or my modem is pitching a tantrum again. Either way I have no internet and I have no caffeine in my system and I still have no blog topic, so you guys are stuck with the random thoughts of the morning, courtesy of wordpad.

– The sun starts coming up between 6:15 and 6:20 these days. I know this because I’m up to see it every morning.

– Sunrises are highly overrated. People who love them so much are probably not being dragged out of a blissful slumber by a 3 year old demanding juice and an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

– I finished a book called Happy Housewives last night. My domestic-y friends would like it. My feminist friends would give themselves migraines from rolling their eyes. Read(or don’t) accordingly.

– Speaking of domesticity, my project to become a better housewife is still full steam ahead. The house is really coming together, and I’m noticing I have a good bit more free time on my hands. Who knew I’d strive for a cleaner house and be able to spend LESS time cleaning every day?? I still need to get together a workable weekly schedule, but baby steps right? 🙂

– I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer last night. CRAP!

– Brendan just said he wanted to go wake his brother up. Over my dead body kiddo.

– I have been spending a lot more time planning the meals and really putting the effort into my cooking, and in the process starting to remember how much I used to enjoy it.

– the ex is REALLY enjoying the change in meals. LOL! He has complimented me over and over this week, even on the soup from days ago. I sent some in his lunch yesterday and he said the people in the break room were going on and on about how good it looked. I bought a couple of just-the-right-size tupperware containers so I can start sending more leftovers in his and Gabby’s lunches instead of just sandwiches.

– I miss summer.

– I told the ex last night I wanted to learn to make my own strawberry jam when the strawberries come back in season. He looked at me like I had 2 heads. I decided to hold off on telling him I want to get a sewing machine. My guess is he’s already contemplating taking me in for drug testing, or finding out if I’ve been bodysnatched by aliens.

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  1. strawberry jam is really easy!! Im sure you could search it on google!! I LOVE homeade jam! Nothing like it!!


  2. “I told the ex last night I wanted to learn to make my own strawberry jam when the strawberries come back in season”



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