Free Trial, Cancel Anytime.

I am a huge Dr. Phil fan, much to my husband’s chagrin. There is something terribly comforting about watching these people and saying “Wow, even on a bad day my life is pretty damn normal!” And funny enough its not even a Maury or Springer type show. The people come across as very real, just with a serious cerebral deficit.

Today’s episode is a prime example. This couple has been married 4 months, and don’t know if they will stay together. Why? Because he said from the beginning he considered it to be a trial marriage. As in he would give it 6-12 months, and if it didn’t feel right, he’d walk, if it did, he’d stay with her. He told her 3 days into the marriage he didn’t know if he loved her enough to be married to her. WTF???? Why on earth would she go on to marry the dumbass??

I can’t for the life of me begin to understand why someone would agree to marry someone with any kind of conditions like that. I remember filling out the marriage liscence, and nowhere in there was there a section for “Check box of the expected length of marriage. __6 months __12 months __3 years __5 years”. What happened to ’till death do us part’? Or is it now ’till the death of my interest and I find someone with bigger boobs do us part’?

My little A cups hope not.

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