340 Calories I Need Not Worry About.

Yet another one for the ‘Weird Shit That Only Happens to Me’ files.

I took a pan of cinnamon rolls out of the oven this morning, set them on the stove, and then watched them explode.

Yes, you read that right, my pan of cinnamon rolls spontaneously combusted. Or at least the pan I cooked them in did. One minute I am setting them down, the next I am watching glass fly every which way. The stove burners were not on, it was not terribly cold in the house. Maybe the pan was just tired and thought suicide was the best way? Needless to say I will not be making brownies for awhile. And note to husband- next time, lets just have eggs, shall we?

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16 thoughts on “340 Calories I Need Not Worry About.

  1. Thats crazy!!! Glad nobody was hurt! If that happened at my house, Doug would totally pick out the glass from his cinammon rolls and go on to eat them…he is a cinammon roll junkie!


  2. Is that a pyrex or pyrex type dish? You are not supposed to rest them on hot surfaces like the top of the oven you just used.. didn’t you know? My friend was making jam and left the jam jar with hot stuff on top of her stove and it exploded like that.


  3. Woah BABY! I mean really, if you didn’t want to cook, all you had to say is…”dear I don’t feel like cooking” today. *snort snort* That is too funny!!!


  4. wow that is weird but I have seen a glass plate do that after it was heated a lot..it just crack down the middle it was probably just the heat that causes it..I use silicone pans which are neat.


  5. Dang and I love cinnamon Rolls too. What a waste of food 😆 I usually use a cookie sheet for cinnamon rolls, brownies however go into a deep metal pan.


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