And I Need a Gym Membership, Why??

I realized Saturday night that nothing good comes from a woman who is feeling bitter and disillusioned about marriage leaving the house and going anywhere there is food. Seriously, there should be mood sensors at the doorway like those big anti-theft devices, but for incoming instead of outgoing. If you are in a pissy mood, alarms should ring, lights should flash, and security should escort you off the property. I SWEAR I just went in for a bag of dog food, but hubby was on my last nerve for some reason, and when I get moody, nothing good comes of it. In this case “nothing good” came in the form of ice cream, twizzlers, popcorn(and not the low-fat shit either), caramel kisses, and a 20oz Pepsi. Oh yeah, and a bag of dog food.

Santa better deliver this year, or I may have to take a trip to the North Pole and threaten to sit on him.

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