Held Hostage at McDonald’s.

I have finally figured out where all the crazy people go when they bust out of the asylum- their closest Micky D’s.

I was running errands yesterday and the boys started to get cranky. It was nearly 11 and both boys had been wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am, so they were nearing naptime. I decided to cut short the Girl Friday routine and hit the drive-thru for lunch before heading home. I was at the speaker placing our order when a woman driving a large SUV jumps in line in front of me. I figured they forgot her fries or something, and thought little of it, being that I still had to pay anyways. Paid at the next window, and pulled up behind her.

I saw her handing them her receipt, and bits and pieces of the conversation floated back. From what I could tell she had been there for breakfast and was unhappy about something or other, and wanted a refund. I didn’t care too much that she had jumped in front of me, but I was a little annoyed she couldn’t put down her cell phone long enough to deal with them properly. Thats just rude, ya know? Apparently the people there at the time couldn’t help her, something about the manager not being back for a little while and if she wanted to call or come back in an hour they’d get it taken care of. SUV- phone-lady says no, she wants her money back now. They tried again to explain to her for whatever reason they couldn’t do it then, and she starts to get loud, and says she is going to call customer service. They said feel free, but could you please move your car, as the line had started to back up.

She refused.

This is where it started to get weird. I don’t know what all was said exactly, but next thing I know the McDonald’s employees are threatening to call the cops, and she is telling them go right ahead. Being the ever-helpful soul I am(and that the kids were REALLY starting to get whiney) I offered to call them so we could get this over and dealt with. I just wanted to get the kids fed, and it didn’t look like that was going to happen anytime soon. Before long the SUV-phone-lady is sitting there yelling at them that she just called customer service and they said for the people to give her her money back. When they still said they were sorry, can’t do that right now, she started yelling that she wasn’t moving until she got her refund. The boys were on the verge of tears and for a split second I contemplated taking them to her car and telling her sit there till hell freezes over if she liked, but she was going to deal with 2 hungry kids in the meantime. Luckily the people started just bring food out to our cars and I got them smiling again. And just when it looked like we might be spending naptime there as well, the manager in question pulled up and started talking to her, and crazy-SUV-phone lady agreed to pull up so the rest of us could go on about our business. 30 minutes, two happy meals, and a large Coke after pulling in, we were finally back on the road.

The moral of the story? Next time you are in McDonald’s give the employees a break, you never know what kind of lunatics they’ve had to deal with. And if someone starts asking for a refund, hit reverse and get the hell out of dodge.

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6 thoughts on “Held Hostage at McDonald’s.

  1. I spent 35 mins in the drive through of the Crestview McDonalds Friday night. There were no apparent insane people just the whole freaking town was there to eat I guess. I was ready to cry when I finally got my food and could leave.


  2. Oh, I am so sorry about that; it was me, and if I had known a nice perspn was behind me, I would have moved. NOT really, but this made me laugh. I actually don’t ever go through the drive thru because even if there is only one car, it takes too long!


  3. I was once enjoying my meal when another customer began asking all of us questions about the fake palm tree (cell phone tower in disguise). It quickly became evident that he thought it had something to do with the voices in his head. And his belief that the president was trying to brainwash him.

    And then he realized one of the other customers was some sort of techno dude who might be able to tell him the details of how the president was doing this. with the fake palm tree. He kept asking if this guy was in on it (he was actually a cable guy, not a cell phone guy, but obviously, if there were a conspiracy, you would suspect him, right. I mean, if you were a crazy guy who thought the fake palm tree was talking to you.)

    Cable guy left the rest of his lunch on the table, couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Me neither.

    Was very scary, I never ate at that McD again.


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