Better in Theory Than in Practice.

I am ready for Christmas!!!!
Well, almost.

I’m done shopping for the kids. But then there are the gifts for my family, which I kinda don’t count since they will be ordered online and I don’t want them to get there too early.

But then I also just realized I haven’t gotten teacher gift for the kids teachers.

And then there are Christmas cards. As much as I dread writing them I love sending them, so my list is pretty long this year.
Wait, I don’t think I’ve even bought my cards yet. And the picture that will go in them? Well, lets say taking the pic is on the to-do list for this week.Why have I not done it yet? Oh thats right, I still have to run for Target for a couple accessories. And I was going to take them in front of the tree. Which isn’t up yet.

How is it I have run around like a chicken with its head cut off and still haven’t accomplished a darn thing??

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3 thoughts on “Better in Theory Than in Practice.

  1. Man, I am so not in the Christmas spirit. I started thinking about Xmas cards today too. I gotta get a pic if I’m going to send one out this year. Maybe I can work on that this weekend too.


  2. You run around like a chicken because you’re a hen silly. A silly hen at that…which I LOVE silly. Never be so uptight you can’t be silly. You’ve accomplished a lot. Getting the kid’s Xmas out of the way is a huge step. The rest is just giblet gravy. LOL!


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