Saturday- the New Monday.

Remember how much we used to love Saturday mornings? As kids we loved it because it meant no school and like 5 straight hours of cartoons in the morning. As adults it usually means a break from the weekly 8-5, and you finally get to sleep in and not have anywhere to be.

Then you have kids.

I hate Saturday mornings. They have quickly become my own version of Monday. Less hectic mind you since I don’t have to hurry 3 kids out the door, but far from that ideal bliss of sleeping till 9am. See hubby and I have this worked out where he gets to sleep in on Saturday and I take Sunday. Which would be fabulous if they didn’t insist on waking up before dawn on Saturdays. At 5:45 this morning I hear Brendan stumbling around and calling me. “Mommy, me up!”. No! No I say! Its not even light out yet! “Yes mommy up! Tartoons! Juice! Me up!” So very grudgingly I get out of bed, swearing next week I am going to spike his dinnertime juice with 12 hour cough medicine or benadryl or something.
No one should have to hate Saturday mornings.

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One thought on “Saturday- the New Monday.

  1. Oh no!! HUGS HUGS HUGS I don’t think kids understand real fatigue until they are adults and it is too late to find the time to sleep LOL

    My sisters kids used to get up between 5am-6am EVERY morning!!! It used to drive her batty … I did tell her that when she sent them to bed at 7pm she could hardly expect much else LOL When they came to visit me (of course they were older then Brendan I think 5 ish) and I told them that if I saw them before dawn I would be forced to sell them to Gypsies and there would never be ANY TV EVER AGAIN! LOL

    I hope when they get older they will sleep in for you!!!



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