One of Those Funny Little Milestones.

Brendan has been invited to a birthday party.

Ok, I realize this isn’t headline-making news to some of you, but to me as the Mom its big stuff. He’s been to birthday parties before for playgroup members and such. This is the first time he’s gotten an invitation addressed specifically to him where my other kids were not invited. Him being my second child this is a first for us, and I’m all giddy.

Now I need a little help with gift ideas, because the child’s name is unisex, and I don’t remember if its a girl or boy??? Eeek!

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4 thoughts on “One of Those Funny Little Milestones.

  1. What about puzzles or books? Those are very gender neutral. And, how exciting for Brendan to get to get invited to a birthday party!!!!


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