You Knew I Was a Crazy Bitch Anyways.

Now we are making it official, I started back on an antidepressant today. The label said it could cause drowsiness, 5 hours after my first dose I’d say a better description would be ’causes you to be too tired to give a crap’. I am told this wears off after the first 2-3 weeks.

Maybe that means for the next couple weeks no one will piss me off? Or does the medication only work if you give it to the dumbasses annoying you?

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5 thoughts on “You Knew I Was a Crazy Bitch Anyways.

  1. LOL – It may work better if you give them something that puts them to sleep 😉 LOL

    I hope that the side effects fade quickly – I know that sometimes they go away much sooner than the 3 weeks. Sending you HUGS!!!


  2. Mine got better when I took it in the morning and not at night. I hope you get adjusted soon!! So we can not give a shit together!!


  3. I just started back on mine after getting off for a little bit and holy crap I can barely make it through the day without passing out.


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