So Much Mama Drama!

Nothing better than a good passive-aggressive, indirect spanking online, right?

I love when my ‘friends’ dissaprove of my actions, and say so in a blog rather than talk to me.

I love when people are allowed to be assholes, but somehow returning the favor should be beneath me.

I love when people act like they are above it all, forgetting their own past actions.

I love knowing I have real friends who will say to my face what others prefer to say behind my back.

I’m a big girl and  wear my big girl panties proudly.

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4 thoughts on “So Much Mama Drama!

  1. Whew honey, Heather knows Heather learned her lesson on that issue. Heather is so glad Heather and Sara are now at a place where we can call each other bitches to our face and say it with love. As far as being disapproved of, Heather would like to share a Shake-Shake moment with Sara….fuck it. Let’s OD on some Zolaugh together.

    And along with those sexy big girl panties Heather knows Sara wears, how about that sexy bra too, hmm?


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