What I Didn’t Know Then.

I had a flashback moment tonight. Just one of those freaky-weird deja vu kind of things, only it was someone elses actions that brought it on.

There was a post on my playgroup board this weekend about a child who had gotten hold of scissors and cut their hair. Raise a hand if you have been there. Everyone, or pretty close to? Yeah, thats what I thought. Well, there is always that mom who knows everything, and today somone decided to take the role and point out that her child had never done it, she had been taught from a young age to only cut paper.

Have you picked yourself up off the floor from laughing yet? Go ahead, I’ll give you another minute…

I couldn’t help but laugh, because I’ve been in her shoes. I’ve been in that frame of mind that my child is turning out great, I must have this parenting thing down, right? Heck, I knew it all. I was doing so well I could have written a book. If everyone would just use common sense and do X,Y, and Z, their kids would be as well behaved as mine. All would be right with the world.

Then I had Brendan. That boy must have burned the manuscript to the parenting book I was so confidently writing, and knowing him, laughed as he did it. Suddenly none of my rules on how to raise kids applied. The things that Gabrielle responded to didn’t work with him, and I figured out exactly how stupid I am when it comes to raising kids. I thought I knew it all, now I realize I knew nothing. Heck, even with 3 years of Brendan Boot Camp under my belt, I STILL don’t know what the hell I am doing with him. He still manages to shock, anger, and totally baffle me on any given day. Just today he went from sharing his treats with his brother, to trying to tackle him, to bringing me two doorknobs off his closet doors that he’d figure out how to take off in roughly 3.5 seconds. I’m not talking doorknob covers, I am talking little white knobs that screw onto the door.

I looked, but I can’t find that one in ANY of my parenting manuals. Maybe my playgroup friend has the answer.

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