Outdoor Plumbing, Eeek!

I have said before I am not meant to be the mom to any boys(much less 2 of them) because I have a hard time with the outdoor plumbing factor. Girl parts are simple, boy parts you have to admit are a little strange. It takes come getting used to, and I honestly am not sure I am ever going to get used to it.

This point was driven home to me today as I took Brendan to go potty, and he sat on the toilet and started to play. Being male, his toy of choice is his penis. I thought I’d seen it all- the yanking, the bending, the amazing ability to try to stuff his penis into his belly button. Oh no. It gets better. Tonight I got the pleasure of seeing my son attempt to, for lack of a better description, make a ‘pig in a blanket’ with his privates.

Yeah. I’ll let you work that one out in your head.

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3 thoughts on “Outdoor Plumbing, Eeek!

  1. LOL! Makes me think of that HBO show (I think it was a Real Sex episode) that showed men that travel around giving shows about all the “things” they can make out of their penises. (A hamburger, pig in a blanket, a man with a tophat and bow, I think… I forget the rest, but there were ALOT of them)
    Who knows, maybe Brendan is destined for stardom!


  2. LOL!!! Sara, that is too funny! We have the “your penis is not a toy, it’s for going pee pee with” philosophy. The toy part comes later when they are older.


  3. Oh my gosh! I am in hysterics. I too am not made for boys. Zach is constantly playing when exposed. It cracks me up. I wince, I don’t know how he doesn’t.


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