AF Went AWOL, Then Found.

Without going into too much detail, AF started to make her appearance last week, then mysteriously dissapeared. 5 days later, all signs of her coming vanished without a trace.

$8 and a a negative pregnancy test later(hey, vasectomies do fail!), I counted my blessings and figured for once I got lucky and am skipping this one. She visits every 3 weeks, so I am due for a break right?

Note to self, do not wear white pants when AF is MIA. Ever.

Second note to self, keep a box of tampons in the car. Would have saved self a LOT of panic and embarassment today.

Nuff said.

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3 thoughts on “AF Went AWOL, Then Found.

  1. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh! It’s happened to all of us. Maybe the note to self should be “NO WHITE PANTS, EVER, EVER, EVER!!


  2. Well the bitch finally decided to show up huh!? Gosh that sucks! Just when you think your getting a break, she sneaks in! Sorry!


  3. Oh yeah… I forgot to add that I too have purchased the $8 pg tests after Mike’s vas. You never know. And if anyone is going to be in the 1% that fails… it will be me!


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