The Answer is Revealed.

Brendan’s new speech therapist, what did we ever do without her?

Seriously, I am trying to like her, and trying to give her a chance. I really am. I have not gotten the best vibe from her to begin with, but you don’t always click with everyone. But like the spiders, live and let live. I don’t have to like her, I just have to take my son to her twice a week and let her do her job.

That was until today, when he had her first appointment with him. (Well, him and 3 other kids at the same time, but thats another rant for another day.) She brings him back from her classroom, tells me how great he did, and then shares this profound wisdom with me, complete with condescending tone-

“He can say the words, you just have to break them down for him

Ya don’t say?? Amazing. How in a year of speech therapy did 3 very qualified therapists manage to overlook that?  I mean hell, if its that simple we should have him all fixed up in a few weeks right? All the therapy and all the work at home, and apparently we are just not breaking it down enough for him. Give me a fucking break.

Twice in a week I have been in tears over this woman, this is NOT looking good.

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