Deep Thoughts on a Shallow Subject.


Yeah, that dirty word we all hate to talk or even think about. The one thing none of us are ever happy about. If we have too much of it, we are unhappy. If we have too little, we are unhappy. And if on the rare occassion the numbers on the scale actually do fit that magic range that we can accept, chances are we are not happy with the way it sits on our body. “If only my thighs were smaller…If only my ass wasn’t so jiggly…If only my hips weren’t so big” So we do whatever it takes to make ourselves smaller, thinner, more like this ever-elusive ideal in our heads.

Only what happens when someone decides eating right and nursing that love/loathe relationship with the treadmill isn’t enough? They want results, and they want it NOW. This is what I was confronted with recently, and it has shaken me to the core. A friend online I have known for years recently lost 40lbs. Wow, fantastic! We were thrilled for her. Until she dropped the bomb that she’d done it using diet pills. No, not Trimspa, baby. I wish. Try Phentermine, a highly addictive, amphetamine-like drug only available with a prescription. At least it used to be, before the days of e-pharmacies. Now you just spend 10 minutes and $80 and you too can have this semi-legal form of speed delivered right to your door without ever having to step foot in a doctor’s office. Apparently this stuff is so similar to street amphetamines that you will actually test positive for them on a drug urine test while on them. And if you like side effects, they have some great ones! Depression, panic attacks, heart palpitations, blurred vision, seizures, hallucinations…Need I say more? As if that wasn’t scary enough, I checked out a few of the online pharmacies that sell this stuff. Lets just say when they want your credit card info before they ask you anything about your health, its a BAD, BAD thing. Run far away, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

What would drive someone to do something like this? The person in question has the life most of us dream of- she’s drop dead gorgeous, 2 stunningly beautiful kids, a hot husband who adores her and spoils her rotten, a huge house, financial security, a college degree should she ever need or want to go back to work. Why would someone who has everything risk it all to drop a few pounds??

Join a gym, join Weight Watchers, invest in the entire Abs of Steel line if thats what it takes. But don’t do this. There is no magic pill to fix things. Its not worth risking your health or your life just to look good in your bikini for the next family cruise.

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One thought on “Deep Thoughts on a Shallow Subject.

  1. I agree. It’s so scary to see women or men who take some strange pill just to loose some weight. You have no idea what you’re actually putting into your body. It’s so dangerous.


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