Paul Proposed Last Night (Video)

A bunch of Twitter locals get together for a Tweetup, something cool happens and someone catches it on their iPhone, video is uploaded to Youtube and people are tweeting it within minutes.

It may be the epitome of geeky, but when Paul proposed last night with many of our close friends there to share in the moment, that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to Alli recording the video and Chris taking pictures, we have a beautiful visual record of what many often don’t, and we are able to share that with those we wish could have been there with us (Amanda and Christy especially, miss you guys!) but couldn’t.

Paul popping the question as twitter locals share in the moment.

The actual capturing of the video was incredibly lucky, because he hadn’t told anyone he was going to ask last night. He did however start his speech with something along the lines of us ‘never breaking up again’ or something to that effect, and Allie decided just being a smartass that she needed to get that statement on video. We are so glad she did!

Since we are anything but traditional, you know the ring had to be different as well. Instead of a diamond solitaire, the center stone is an emerald (he’s from Ireland, and we met in May) with emerald-cut diamonds on either side. Stunning! 🙂


Thank you so very much to everyone who was here to share in the moment last night, and to all of our friends who couldn’t be here but have sent their well-wishes via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Most of all thank you to Paul, my wonderful, sweet, pain in the ass husband-to-be for making the moment so special. This has been so hard-earned for us, but so worth it. I love you.

First Facebook Bans Breastfeeding Pics, Now Youtube Bans Breastfeeding Video

Jiminy Christmas when will these people learn??

Around the time of the Bill Maher breastfeeding comments, and Facebook banning breastfeeding photos, the League of Maternal Justice website was formed. Their purpose- advocate and educate on all matters relating to mothers and babies. Showing their support to nursing mothers everywhere, they created a video montage of readers photos showing the true beauty of breastfeeding. According to the website, “Their YouTube video received over 90,000 views and several honors, including the top 5 discussed news and politics video three days in a row.”

A few minutes ago I got notice that YouTube has since banned that video. Not marked it explicit as they do other videos where there is FAR more skin showing, and any number of activities one is not legally allowed to do in public as they are breastfeeding. Banned it. As far as I know, the ladies at League of Maternal Justice have not gotten an answer yet as to why this video was taken down, but I have no doubt moms everywhere across the blogosphere will be arming themselves with keyboards and nursing bras and letting Youtube know just how disgusting this shameful hypocrisy is.

Pretty sad when the ass-backward state of Alabama recognizes breastfeeding as a normal act, yet Youtube does not.

To read the press release and see the video these shameless hussies(/sarcasm) have produced, check out the League of Maternal Justice site.