So remember how I told you we had court on the 6th, and I was about to find out if my ex was going to have me kicked out of the house?

Ummm, yeah, that didn’t go so well. For him.

He had his lawyer, and I was without one, thanks to mine up and quitting, and in the end, the judge still ruled in my favor. I will not be forced to move out of my home until the divorce is over.

I know my ex had to be shocked, given how gleefully he  told me I would “be packing my shit and getting out soon”. But hey, I think I was due a little good news after the past year right?

I’m not going to say anything further on this, other than that as much as he bragged about how expensive his lawyer was..well..I’d love to see the bill he gets for the preparation and attending of that particular hearing.

On another good note, there has been a change for the better where the visitation situation is concerned. He had been denying me seeing the kids any time I brought up a new person to supervise, because it wasn’t going through this insane maze of me to my lawyer to his lawyer to him. (Nevermind the court order simply says that I tell him who will be supervising. No hoops, no approval, I just have to give him the name, and show up with a supervisor.) Well, once I represented myself in court, I am officially considered pro se, meaning I am my own lawyer, at least for the time being. Which means from this point, he cannot deny me seeing the kids just because the information came from me and not my lawyer.

It’s a huge relief because he has done his best to make it a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation. He won’t give me the extra gas money needed to be making a 6 hour round trip drive twice a day to pick up the relatives he ‘approves of’ to supervise who live out of state and don’t have reliable transportation, but boy you better believe I hear about it if I don’t have someone and can’t see the kids. Then I’m a shitty mother who just doesn’t care about her kids. The fact that he previously refused to ‘approve’ of pretty much anyone locally because it wasn’t going through my lawyer was just details in his mind I guess.

This was driven home to me again today when he emailed me saying he ‘approved’ of the new person I submitted to his lawyer to supervise the visit Sunday. He then asked what that meant for the visit on Saturday, when I have a friend coming over so I can spend 12-5 with the kids. (This person has a busy life of her own, but has been incredibly kind to give me what time she can, and I VERY much appreciate that. I take what I can get.) I messaged back that it’s two different people, why would person B spending 8-5 here Sunday have anything to do with person A being here 12-5 on Saturday?

This is how he addressed my reply, copied verbatim from his email-

I didn’t know if  (Person B) would also then supervise Saturday morning. But if you are unable to get someone to supervise the few hourson Saturday morning that (Person A) can not or you are unwilling or uninterested in exercising your entire visitation Saturday then that is fine. I will mark it down that you only wanted them  Saturday afternoon or was unable to obtain someone for Saturday morning, despite having additional supervisors approved. Like I said it truly demonstrates your lack of desire to spend all of the limited time you have with your children and the utter lack of a substancial support system.

As I said, damned if I do, damned if I don’t.