I just read over on Techcrunch about Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report, which gave a breakdown of who is blogging and how much they make. I was a little blown away by their figures. According to Technorati’s poll of over a thousand bloggers, people who advertise on their blog are making on average $6,000 a year. I’m curious who they polled and what their Technorati ranking is, because while ads can pay, I am generally finding that pay is more along the lines of a couple Starbucks runs a month, not a year’s lease on a Mercedes. So dear readers, tell me, how much are you making on your blog advertising, be it Adsense, BlogHer ads, paid posts or otherwise?

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You can read Paul’s more humorous take on the topic over at the O’Flaherty blog. We will both be running polls on this and will be posting results on Wednesday, October 1st about what the average blogger is really making!