mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day to Those Hallmark Has Forgotten

Mother’s Day has always been something of a hard day for me. I am one of those horrible people who chooses not to have a relationship with her own mother, and while I don’t regret it for a second, it makes Mother’s Day somewhat bittersweet. As I log into Facebook tomorrow I will get to see half a million status updates of people thanking their moms for being so wonderful, pictures chiding people that they should always appreciate the woman who brought them into this world, and thank goodness I don’t have cable, because I’m pretty sure the Hallmark and FTD commercials would be enough to put me over the edge.

Not every mother is wonderful, and not every person who gives birth is worth celebrating, and there are many, many people who should be recognized on Mother’s Day but aren’t.

I was in Hallmark today, and I didn’t see any cards recognizing those who should be mothers, but through battles with infertility are not…yet.

There was also a lack of cards for those who have been pregnant but suffered losses, and those who have lost a child.

You won’t generally find cards for women who are non-custodial mothers, those who are estranged from their children for their own health and sanity, or those who have given children up for adoption.

Not every mother or those who wish to be fit into the standard soppy holiday mold, but know that you are thought of, and appreciated, nonetheless. I wish you love and peace on this bittersweet day tomorrow.

I Have the Coolest Kids Ever, or At Least the Biggest Doctor Who Nerds Ever

This is what I woke up to this morning, and I can honestly say Hallmark can suck it, because they NEVER could have come up with something so amazing. I’m not sure even the kids themselves will ever be able to top this one.


Happy Mothers Day to Me…On Father’s Day

Only 4 weeks late, I got to celebrate Mother’s Day today.

Mother’s Day was not a happy one here this year, I spent it without my kids for the first time ever. I should have had visitation that weekend as it was scheduled to be my time, but thanks to an ex who has decided HE dictates when and how I see my children and not the court, I was not allowed to have them that weekend, or the next scheduled weekend either.

We don’t go back to court until July 6th, and it can’t get here fast enough. This shit WILL be dealt with.

I got to spend about 4 hours with them today, and it was great 🙂  Snuggled with the boys, and watched Gabrielle build an obstacle course for the hamster. The poor furball is probably hiding in the corner of the cage traumatized, but we all had a great time.

On an interesting note, my ex has been harassing me at every opportunity, emailing and criticizing me at every turn over everything he deems ‘inappropriate’, which is pretty much every breath I take. The latest one involved the gifts the kids brought over for me Monday night, which they’d made at school for Mother’s Day. They didn’t get opened that evening, because it was Gabrielle’s birthday, and ‘out of the goodness of his heart’ he brought the kids over for exactly 60 minutes so I could celebrate her birthday with the kids. I left the things in the bag, planning to open them when the kids came over this weekend. He stopped by 2 days later, and emailed me later basically saying I was a crappy mother for having left the gifts unopened after they left. (Yeah, excuse the fuck out of me for wanting them here when I did right?)

Well, today when the kids were here I opened the gifts, and went through the bag of their end of the year papers, artwork, etc. I assumed that when he dropped off this bag of stuff for me, he had already gone through it, you know..being the caring and concerned father and all. Aside from the unopened 4th quarter CRT scores, and the list of speech exercises for our son which obviously he doesn’t feel is important..I found this.


I’m the shitty mother because I want my kids to see me open and appreciate what they give me, yet he can’t even be bothered to keep what he gets, and heaps it in with all the other school stuff that obviously hasn’t even been looked at.

The irony here is rather delicious.