Return of the ‘Who I Am’ Blog Meme

Way back in the day, when blogging was fun and not something we did because advertisers paid us to, we used to do funny little blog memes. Present a topic, write your post, and then tag others and challenge them to do the same. I haven’t seen this done for awhile(or maybe I just don’t do enough blog-reading these days!) but seeing a post on Reddit tonight that asked the basic question “Who are you?”, it kind of inspired me to want to bring this back.

Who I Am…

I am a 33 year old woman

I am a computer geek by profession, and a blogger who blogs constantly, but writes little, and I want to change that.

I am smart. Like, REALLY fucking smart. Unfortunately those brains did not come with a lot of common sense, which I didn’t seem to acquire until my late 20’s.

I am married to an Irish guy, and after knowing each other for 5 years, his accent still drives me crazy. He works from home because he likes being his own boss, and I pretend there are benefits to this, but the fact is if I let him work outside the home women will start throwing their panties at him every time he opens his mouth. I’m not kidding, the accent is just that. damn. sexy.

Thanks to a very nasty divorce, I am a non-custodial mother, which still sounds really odd. It’s been this way for 2 1/2 years now, and I am pretty used to it by now. That doesn’t make it any easier, but I am far enough out to be able to see the positives of the situation. I often jokingly call myself the Disneyland mom- have fun with them on the weekends, and then send them home for the crappy parts of the job.

As of today I am also the mother of a 14 year old. This really doesn’t seem possible, as I am far too young for this. She must have skipped a few years when I wasn’t looking.

I love animals way too much, and am the owner of a rat, a bunch of tiger barbs, and a frog named ‘Asshole Frog’.

I know absolutely, positively, without a doubt that I do not have herpes in any form.

I have never broken a bone.

I tend to step up and take a leadership role in organizing events not because I enjoy the job, but because I want to see things happen and get frustrated when no one else will do it.

I have lost 14lbs in the last 6 weeks, and am committed to a low-carb lifestyle. I can’t even really say committed, it just IS what is normal for me now. Poor Paul is having a harder time of the adjustment, but is doing well with his own weight loss.

I am terrible speaking in front of groups or when I am put on the spot. In fact, I really hate large crowds in general, they make me anxious.

I used to deal with depression, complete with therapy and medication, but it has been completely gone since my divorce. Draw your own conclusions.

I am a voracious reader who was often told to put the book down and go play outside as a child. I read my first Stephen King book at the age of 9, and was reading on a college level by the time I was 10.

I am not a tv watcher, I think most of it is stupid and mind-numbing, and am very picky about the series I do watch. We have one television in the house and do not subscribe to cable.

I am always right. Even when I’m not, I am.

I love being 33, and feel like life is only getting better, even with the occasional challenges.

So, who are YOU? I do hereby tag Selina, Heather, Paul, April, and anyone else who wants to play.

Yahoo Meme Fails to Impress

Paul just sent me an invite to the new beta service Yahoo Meme, and my initial impression? *Yawn*

If Meme is going for simplicity, they hit the nail on the head. You can’t get a more basic micro-blogging service. You have the option to post a snippet of text, a picture, music or video. Like most services you have the option to subscribe to other users Memes, and each user has an RSS feed so you can subscribe in a reader, stream though a lifestream, or whatever else.

While Yahoo Meme has been compared to Twitter due to it’s ‘repost’ feature, this is really more along the lines of Tumblr, or a stripped-down version of Posterous. In fact, it’s this lack of features that makes the service so very unimpressive.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the service is the incredibly insular feel it has. There are no options to share content to other places, which means content is simply posted and then reposted within the service to other members. I understand Yahoo wants to focus on keeping traffic within the site, but in the end it really starts to feel like nothing but a Yahoo member circle-jerk.

You’d think with this ‘content in, not out’ mentality, they would make it easier to post things to the site, but not so. Videos cannot be uploaded, only shared via links, and only from Youtube and Vimeo. Sorry Seesmic, Metacafe, and all the rest! Most remarkably, you cannot even share video from Yahoo’s own Yahoo Video service. Whaaaat? Music is just as awkward, requiring a link instead of direct upload.

With all the hoops to jump through to post there, at least they make it somewhat easy to use by giving you a bookmarklet or browser button to post media directly to your account from your browser, right?…Right?


That would be a no. Items can only be posted directly via the Yahoo Meme dashboard.

I have gone over this site pretty thoroughly, which given the lack of features, didn’t take long. Yahoo Meme could maybe be recommended if all you wanted was a basic microblog service that you don’t expect anyone else to actually read. Until some of the most basic features are added for social bookmarking and sharing, and Yahoo makes it easier to post via uploads and bookmarklets, don’t waste your time.

Yahoo Meme’s attempt to recreate the microblog fail to impress, and in this case feel more like other services’ leftovers re-plated and served cold.

That Sh*t is the Tits!

My apologies for the vulgar title, but I am sorry to say my typically trashy mouth virgin ears have been so corrupted it’s all I can do not to spew a string of obscenities as I type this. Really, be glad that’s the worst I came out with.

I don’t mean to pass the buck, truly, but this all started with one of my favorite skanks bloggers, Ali, who writes Cheaper Than Therapy. Reading her blog this morning I saw she stole, yes, STOLE(her words, not mine!) a new blog meme going around. Apparently Things You Think Are the Tits is the new Favorite Things. Can you imagine Oprah doing THAT show? Anyhow, Ali, being the height of awesomeness terrible influence she is, I was immediately compelled to join in. *Sigh* (I’m going to pretend it’s because I like making lists, and not because she admitted to being an ass girl. We all know I have no tits to speak of.)

Things Sara thinks are totally the tits…

* Skittles Candy

* Corvida

* Twitter (Am I following you yet?? Add me!)

* My cell phone..I know it’s dumb, but I totally lurve this thing..It does everything but give blowjobs.

HTC Mogul
HTC Mogul

* Wild Cherry Pepsi

* Skype

* Bloggers with cute accents

* Taking recommendations from said bloggers and finally getting a great headset for Skype.

* Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider

* Colored ink pens and highlighters

* Gap low-rise boot cut jeans

* The Tudors on Showtime

* The color burgundy

* Having the same best friend since I was 7

* Vanilla Cupcakes

* Kick-ass restaurants that totally fool you from the outside.

* Dior Dolce Vita perfume

So there ya go, things I think are the tits! Thanks Ali for aiding my bad girl tendencies sending me down this spiraling path of corruption. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s tits lists!