Let me be the first to say I don’t know if this is for real or not, but there is a doc going around that people are claiming is a new-moon-coverleaked draft of the script for the New Moon movie (Second Twilight series film) due out in November.

Real or not, it is a good way to pass the time if you are a diehard fan with a bit of time to kill. 😉 Either way be warned, may contain spoilers. (Duh!)

Updated 7/17/09  I have found someone else has uploaded the file to a file-sharing site, so I am adding that link here. It is not my upload, nor my account, I am simply sharing the link.


Be sure to tell me what you think..Real? Fan fiction? Or maybe Stephanie Meyer’s idea of a prank to get the internet back for the whole leaked-draft-turned-tantrum over the book she started to write, but apparently doesn’t plan to finish?