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Did I Toss the Sex Toy? Why Yes I Did! (And Who Won One Too!)

I caught a little flack for suggesting I would be tossing a sex toy at my wedding instead of the bouquet. Weddings are ‘supposed to be’ about tradition, in spite of the fact that Paul and I are anything but traditional. We knew all along this wedding would be done our way, and we didn’t let any criticism sway us from that.

On Saturday night as the reception was just getting into full swing, we took the oh-so-tastefully-wrapped (Star Wars wrapping paper ya know!) Triple Indulgence Rabbit Vibrator so thoughtfully provided by Eden Fantasys and had the girls gather ’round.

Such pretty, sweet ladies…

And I tossed it….

We have amazing video footage of this that I will get up later in the week, but needless to say those sweet southern ladies were more than willing to do what needed to be done to get their hands on that toy. (Hope may or may not be biting Heather’s wrist in that picture, I’ll leave it to you to figure out. She did get it though!!) It. was. hilarious.

I wish we could have found a way to make the online giveaway half as exciting, but the internet only gets you so far. Still, we had a lot of fun reading the advice people left on how to have a happy marriage. ‘Lots of sex’ seemed to be the most obvious and repeated answer, although frequency was up for debate (everything from every opportunity to once a month! Just once a month, really??).

While it’s not the most practical, my choice of winner came from Shonda Peterson simply because it made me laugh the loudest-

I will give you the advice my mom gave me, if he ever gives you problems, just tie him up with bed sheets and beat him with a broom.

If there’s anything Paul and I enjoy, it’s a good laugh together. That friendship and laughter is a huge part of the foundation for our relationship, and Shonda hit the nail on the head with her reminder.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and gave us their words of wisdom, and thanks so much to Eden Fantasys for giving us the means to create a wedding memory NO ONE will forget!

A Sex Toy Giveaway..For My Wedding?? Why Not!

When Paul and I started talking about our wedding, we knew it was going to be utterly different from the norm. No tux (he’s wearing a kilt), no big white, poofy satin confection of a gown (I look far better in purple than in white), no three-tiered white cake, no caterer.

In short, we are having none of the usual trappings of the Wedding Industrial Complex as we know it. We wanted this to be about friendship, community, and most of all, FUN.

In all of this I found myself questioning everything that is normally done at weddings, just because ‘everyone does it’. At most weddings, the bride tosses her bouquet to the single women there who have often been pushed out by well-meaning relatives in hopes she will catch the bouquet, signaling that she will be the next one to walk down the isle.

I can’t think of anything more fun than putting single people on the spot at an event that already makes them overly-conscious of being unmarried, and making sure it is pointed out publicly how single they are.

This was one of those traditions that I loathed in concept, but is so ingrained in our culture that I couldn’t imagine not doing it. Then it dawned on me- why not just take the damned tradition and turn it on it’s ear? It’s not like we are doing anything else by the book!

My first thought was that this is a celebration, and I want everyone included, married or single. So I *could* toss the bouquet and have everyone down there, but who’s going to want it?

And if not the bouquet, what could I throw that everyone *would* want? What could I include that every woman there, married or single would find appealing.

To me, sex toys seemed the obvious answer. Who doesn’t love an orgasm?

I shot off an email to Eden Fantasys who got back that they loved the idea, and would not only provide the bouquet alternative for my lucky wedding guest, but would provide one for a blog give-away as well!

So my friends, online and off, I am looking to spread a little happiness for my big day.

Happiness in this case will come in the form of a discretely wrapped(Star Wars wrapping paper FTW!) Triple Indulgence Rabbit Vibrator. From Eden Fantasys website-

The Triple Indulgence is a waterproof delight. With separate controls for vibration and rotation, you can customize your experience to orgasm, whether in or out of the water.
Want to give it a spin for yourself? Locals will have their chance to catch it at the wedding, but our online friends will be able to win one without giving up a Saturday afternoon. Just leave a comment below with your advice for a long and happy marriage, and my favorite words of wisdom will be chosen Tuesday, June 22nd. Tweeting out the post gets you an extra chance!
Looking forward to the responses, and sharing a little joy as my own happy day approaches!