It’s not often that I have bad dreams. If anything the dreams I have tend to be odd, almost comical in their randomness. Bits of reality mashed with bits of imagination with a little bit of everything else mixed in. I dream often and vividly, and usually its a good experience if for nothing other than the laugh I get the next day.

Unfortunately the bad dreams, while infrequent, tend to be just as detailed and feel just as real.

Last night was one of those nights. I had a dream in which I made the choice to cut someone very close to me out of my life. Something unexpected happened that made me realize how both different and distant our lives were, and it just was not something I could get past, so I ended the relationship. They were upset, and looking back its shocking how little I cared, but such is the nature of dreams I guess.

I woke up from this feeling completely disoriented, and having a hard time shaking it off completely. An hour later I still feel all out of sorts.

Why is it the good dreams fade from memory so fast, but the bad ones linger so long? I really need to clear my head of this one.