A few days ago I weighed in on the whole MommyBlogger/PR whine-fest issue. I’ve given my opinion on this subject- I personally think if bloggers are taking on too much, they need to suck it up and learn to say no. I’m absolutely disgusted with the commercialism that has overtaken a genre that I used to consider myself a part of. I think the whole debate has finally raised the issue of what mommyblogging is, and why so many have decided that they need to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for whoever will send them the most crap.

Today I read a piece over on Mediapost, which caters to “media, marketing and advertising professionals”, talking about the proposed blackout and raising the question of what would happen if PR started doing the same thing to bloggers.

The piece itself didn’t much spark my interest, but the following quote certainly made me raise an eyebrow.

One wonders what would happen if the marketing world instituted an extended “Blogger Blackout” in return — no samples, no giveaways, no coupons, no trips. And readers would then keep going to those blogs because … ?

And readers would then keep going to those blogs because … ?

Ladies, when marketers think no one will want to read your blogs because you aren’t peddling their shit, you’ve got a problem.