My apologies for the vulgar title, but I am sorry to say my typically trashy mouth virgin ears have been so corrupted it’s all I can do not to spew a string of obscenities as I type this. Really, be glad that’s the worst I came out with.

I don’t mean to pass the buck, truly, but this all started with one of my favorite skanks bloggers, Ali, who writes Cheaper Than Therapy. Reading her blog this morning I saw she stole, yes, STOLE(her words, not mine!) a new blog meme going around. Apparently Things You Think Are the Tits is the new Favorite Things. Can you imagine Oprah doing THAT show? Anyhow, Ali, being the height of awesomeness terrible influence she is, I was immediately compelled to join in. *Sigh* (I’m going to pretend it’s because I like making lists, and not because she admitted to being an ass girl. We all know I have no tits to speak of.)

Things Sara thinks are totally the tits…

* Skittles Candy

* Corvida

* Twitter (Am I following you yet?? Add me!)

* My cell phone..I know it’s dumb, but I totally lurve this thing..It does everything but give blowjobs.

HTC Mogul
HTC Mogul

* Wild Cherry Pepsi

* Skype

* Bloggers with cute accents

* Taking recommendations from said bloggers and finally getting a great headset for Skype.

* Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider

* Colored ink pens and highlighters

* Gap low-rise boot cut jeans

* The Tudors on Showtime

* The color burgundy

* Having the same best friend since I was 7

* Vanilla Cupcakes

* Kick-ass restaurants that totally fool you from the outside.

* Dior Dolce Vita perfume

So there ya go, things I think are the tits! Thanks Ali for aiding my bad girl tendencies sending me down this spiraling path of corruption. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s tits lists!