The Ex’s Brother Strikes Again

This seems to be in response to my last post, and while I generally try not to feed nasty, overweight trolls, I decided a little amusement was in order for an otherwise busy Saturday morning. Be glad you don’t have this particular brand of crazy in YOUR family.troll

The email address is obviously fake, but the IP is not. ‘Ybil’ obviously standing for ‘your brother in law’, and I REALLY wish he’d quit referring to himself as that, because I certainly don’t claim him.

Author : Ybil (IP: ,
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“They need you to be their mother, to be strong and to spend your energy on loving them…” I could not agree more. This is 100% right. But she is focused on being greedy and more worried about material things than seeing and spending time with her children.

(Sara’s note here- I was supposed to see my kids this weekend but my ex decided I was not ALLOWED to have them this weekend as planned because I refused to agree to a ‘permanent’ change of visitation schedule when we are waiting to get orders from the judge on this literally any day now.  I’m not stupid, I do what the judge tells me, not my ex, and when I refused to agree to it he said I am not allowed to take the kids this weekend.)

“…instead of wasting it on pleasing someone who is impossible to make happy and being a slave.” What the heck are you going on about? Who do you think she is trying to please that is impossible, herself? “A slave,” who the heck is she a slave too, her own selfish, misguided hatefulness?

I guess you and her both think that you can do mean, hateful crap to people and they are supposed to just take it, accept it, and be just as nice and amiable in return. The two of you cannot get the support you need from what family and friends you have left, so you turn to these blogs to try and muster support for the mean, hateful crap you have done, and have the nerve to call it “growing.” What amazes me even more is that there are folks out there that buy your crap. But there is a common denominator in those that agree with you; it appears that most of them have done the same evil crap you two have done.

How long were you married? She has been married twice and now divorced twice. It will be interesting to see which one of you cheats on the other first. Good luck with that, you two deserve each other. Let us see if this post sees the light of day, and if it does how you will spin it.

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Still Looking for a Google Wave Invite? I have 7!


After pacing the floor and cursing for weeks waiting patiently for my Google Wave invite to get here, I woke up this morning to the beautiful site of an invitation from Google in my inbox! Whoohoo!

I added Paul to the list first thing because he has been waiting for this too, but then realized I had seven invitations left, and there are a lot of people still waiting.

Short and simple- leave a comment here (be sure to use a valid email address!) letting me know you still need an invite. If by Friday we only have seven, those people will get them. If there are more, I will pick seven at random. Nothing fancy, no crazy hoops 🙂


Looking forward to seeing everyone on the Wave!

New Moon Girls Saga Continues, Now With True Suckage

When I wrote my post the other day about New Moon Girls, I figured that was pretty much the end of it. The attitude of bloggers as slaves who should be happy to work for nothing is not a new concept in the blogosphere, and this in my mind was just yet another example. Vent my vent, and move on.

The discussion has continued, not without disagreements, but a really good discussion never is. Differences are what make the world go round, and all that jazz. I’m a big girl, and my opinions are my own, take them or leave them.

Then I got this particular comment-

Author : Marta (IP: ,
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Whois  :
I only saw this blog because I recently heard about New Moon Girls and I am researching them.  Everything that I have seen so far is really good.  Nancy, the founder, has been tirelessly publishing this magazine for years and I think it is a great service for girls.  I also greatly respect the work of bloggers like yourself and I agree you should get compensated for your work.  But getting paid to review would actually make you biased wouldn’t it?  Why didn’t you take their offer to become an affiliate?

I think it was the obvious clashing of the terms “I recently heard about” and “has been tirelessly publishing this magazine for years” that got me curious. Tirelessly? To describe someone you pretty much know nothing about? I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Sure enough, is the mail server for

Oddly enough the same that lists New Moon Girls as one of their companies here-

I’m sure the Nancy that contacted me is a truly nice person. I never criticized the company itself, just the attitude she obviously has towards the worth of the people she is out asking favors from.

I truly cannot stand people who leave comments anonymously. Even worse, I cannot stand people who lie about who they are and why they hold the opinion that they do. To have my integrity questioned to myself and my readers, from someone who flat out lies about who they are and why they are here is about as shitty as it gets.

My final opinion on this one?


New Moon Girls and their partner in crime Monvia officially sucks ass for their crappy, deceptive attitudes and business practices.