What Do Your PR Offerings Say About You?

Although I rarely do reviews here, I like getting PR pitches for the same reason I’ve always like mystery gifts and grab bags- like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

When most of my blogging was about my kids, I got a lot of offers for toys, kids dvds and the like. It made sense, because I fit into their demographic. They saw me as The Mommy.

What does it say about me when the offerings of the day are SPAM recipes and a book on menopause?

I feel like I just got the world’s worst fortune cookie- ‘You are old and have crappy taste in food! SPAM for you!’.

For You Twilight Fans



Should Stephanie Meyer ever decide to write about Edward Cullin’s life as a child, I’m pretty sure Damian will be a shoe-in for the part.



On that same note, I read the book and watched the movie over the last week and a half and liked them both way more than I expected. The problem is I’ve read the synopsis for the next couple of books and HATE them..WTF?? Is it worth reading book 2?